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FLAC 48 $ 10.00
  • 1Yee-Haw03:56
  • 2Dodgeball04:56
  • 3Dobros Before Hos05:05
  • 4A Fiver for a Tenor05:06
  • 5Nødblues06:52
  • 6The Part You're Playing05:59
  • 7Delayed Response03:21
  • 8Keeps the Audience Away06:20
  • 9The Switch04:20
  • Total Runtime45:55

Info for Fringe Music

A project I've had in mind for a number of years that finally came together during my master studies in Oslo. Having played a lot with Espen and Aksel in Julie & the New Favorites they were obvious partners in this outfit. The music draws upon a number of influences, the string-band sound from bluegrass is the main inspiration colored with a more improvisational approach than what the genre usually allows. The album consists of primarily originals penned by me and features Kvernberg and Carstensen, who have been two big inspirational figures for me since I went to high-school. The band has been touring extensively in Norway as well as Japan. Released in 2014 on Just for the Records

"Whip smart, virtuosic album of improvised americana» «unusually original» «well worth checking out" (Tim Goodall, Songlines)

"A warm, virtuostic, funny and playful record" (Petter Petterson, Romsdals Budstikke)

"The record is a tribute to the wonders of interplay" (Peter Sjöblom, Tidningen Kulturen)

"The urban jazz tradition shines through in improvisations and surprising twists and turns" (Trygve Lundemo, Adresseavisen)

Magnus Wiik, tenor and 5-string banjo, dobro, mandolin, guitar
Espen Bjarnar, guitar
Aksel Jensen, bass
Ola Kvernberg, fiddle
Stian Carstensen, accordion, 5-string banjo

Magnus Wiik
is a musician based in Oslo. Originally a guitarist, he now works just as much as a piano, banjo, mandolin and dobro-player. Magnus cut his teeth on rock and metal in his teens, before finding his way into jazz and improvisation in high-school. At the same time he discovered Irish folk music and bluegrass, and fell head over heels in love with both traditions.

Magnus has studied at both the jazz conservatory in Trondheim (taking a bachelor in jazz guitar) and the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo (taking a master in performing jazz and improvised music). Prior to his studies he attended the Banff Int. Workshop in Jazz & Creative Music, which had a profound impact on him as a musician. Along with the formal education Magnus has done a lot of traveling seeking tuition and immersion in different traditions, leading to a number of trips to Ireland and USA, and a single (so far) trip to India. What characterizes Magnus as a musician is a curiousity and a stubborn persistance to learn new things.

Down the line Magnus has been touring extensively in Norway, Denmark, Ireland, Japan and Canada. He has performed in festivals all over Europe as well as in Tunisia and USA and recorded for BBC and NRK. He has been privileged to work with renowned musicians such as Stian Carstensen, Ola Kvernberg, Gerry O'Connor, Tony O'Connell, Shantala Subramaniam, Jake Jolliff, Alexandra Grimal and Wes Corbett to name a few. He has made seven albums as a leader or co-leader, six of which heavily features him as a composer also. He has also done a fair share of sideman-work and appears on a number of records as well as music for movies and games. In 2015 Magnus received Geir Digernes' Memorial Prize for his work as a musician.

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