Lars Petter Hagen: Harmonium Repertoire Cikada

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Label: Lawo Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Interpret: Cikada

Komponist: Lars Petter Hagen (1975)

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FLAC 192 $ 12,50
  • Lars Petter Hagen (b. 1975): Paulines Piano I:
  • 1Paulines Piano I (Deep River [trad.])02:03
  • Three Transfigurations:
  • 2Three Transfigurations: I. Adagio ma non troppo01:09
  • 3Three Transfigurations: II. Etwas fliessender02:50
  • 4Three Transfigurations: III. Adagio, tempo primo02:43
  • Harmonium Repertoire:
  • 5Harmonium Repertoire: I. Langsam02:44
  • 6Harmonium Repertoire: II. Äusserst langsam. Adagissimo05:16
  • 7Harmonium Repertoire: III. Ziemlich langsam03:21
  • 8Harmonium Repertoire: VI. Lento02:33
  • 9Harmonium Repertoire: V. Adagio. Sehr feierlich und sehr langsam04:12
  • Sørgemarsj over Edvard Grieg:
  • 10Sørgemarsj over Edvard Grieg08:23
  • Max F:
  • 11Max F: Passage – Silence and Light Triptych: I. A Tower of Absence02:49
  • 12Max F: Passage – Silence and Light Triptych: II. Stairs to Unanswered Questions (Angels Keep Going Up and Down)02:51
  • 13Max F: Passage – Silence and Light Triptych: III. A Garden of Memories (A Thousand Unfinished Melodies)05:00
  • Paulines Piano II:
  • 14Paulines Piano II (Maria og barnet [Trad.])02:27
  • Total Runtime48:21

Info zu Lars Petter Hagen: Harmonium Repertoire

The music on this release is written over a period of 20 years, and all the works relate specifically to the past. An old piano, Richard Strauss' material in "Three Transfigurations", Richard Nordraak’s indirect presence in "Funeral March in Memory of Edvard Grieg", and fragments from the archive in "Harmonium Repertoire", taken from harmonium orchestral parts in works by Schönberg, Mahler, Strauss, Berg, and Bruckner.

Some may find a nostalgic inclination. A sense of lost time, that everything was better before and so on. It is not untrue, but neither is it the whole truth, I would argue. I look at my own compositional work as a fundamentally optimistic project where the core of the activity is about relationships. I think music stands in relation to something, like a meeting, sometimes a confrontation, always in connection with people, the world, history – or a piano.


Since its 1989 formation in Oslo, the Cikada has developed a refined and highly acclaimed profile on the international contemporary music scene. From the very beginning, Cikada has consisted of flute, clarinet, piano, percussion, string quintet and conductor Christian Eggen. All ten are equal, permanent members, and the ensemble has become synonymous with the Oslo Sound of fresh, vibrant, warm and virtuosic interpretations of consciously selected, contemporary repertoire.

In concerts at major international festivals and on numerous albums, Cikada’s distinct ensemble profile manifests itself in strong programming. Integral to this work is a wish to develop long-term collaborations with composers and to build composer portraits with commissioned works over time.

Cikada was awarded the prestigious Nordic Music Prize in 2005.

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