Trails Subheim

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Label: denovali records

Genre: Electronic

Interpret: Subheim

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FLAC 48 $ 8,80
  • 1Trails08:07
  • 2Ego03:33
  • 3Forsaken, Pt. 206:30
  • 4Trails (John Lemke Remix)05:22
  • Total Runtime23:32

Info zu Trails

Following on from 2015's praised "Foray" LP, berlin-based SUBHEIM releases his new "Trails" EP on Denovali Records. As with any Subheim release, it is important to consider your frame of mind when listening to his music. "Trails" takes the listener on a very personal journey with intent, riding upon an undercurrent of impending necessity. There is simplicity in its design, though the further you delve the more complex it becomes.

"Trails" opens with the sounds of slow-building, wavering and breathy strings. Soon you, the subject to this music, are guided onwards with the support of confident tribal drums, haunting vocals, otherworldly metallic sounds and muted guitars that ring across the plains.

Having arrived at a place of calm, we are next transported in an altogether more sinister direction through the soundscape of Ego. Desert winds and affected vocal samples provide the backdrop for disconcerting harmonies and long sustains, and through the expectant ticking of a regular clock-like beat we are reminded that we have only made it part-way along our journey.

"Sometimes gloomy, and sometimes lush, but always sweeping and atmospheric" – INTRO "Seductive, emotionally-charged nocturnes" – IGLOO – Subheim's "Foray" featured on Headphone Commute’s Best of 2015 list

Forsaken Pt.II is an altogether more minimal territory to inhabit. With the instantly recognisable return of its guitar melody and a lilting, dry kick there is, at first, less sense of urgency as we sift through the murkiness of this familiar territory. And so it makes way for John Lemke’s remix of Trails. With a subtle yet noticeable increase in tempo and set to an irregular yet constant techno kick, it wears a furrowed brow, pushing itself forward with confidence and conviction.

is the deeply personal project of electronic music composer and visual artist Kostas K., a downtempo, experimental venture fusing IDM elements with rich ambiance and female vocals by Katja.

Complex and uncompromising, Subheim‘s debut album on Tympanik Audio is full of intricate rhythms, deep reverbs, and bitcrushed sounds, combined with pianos, cellos, and beautiful synthwork. Haunting melodies and distant voices meet complex beats and luring atmospheres to create a unique blend of dynamics and emotion. Subheim: Approach‘Approach‘ flirts with post-rock and atmospheric downtempo styles, while still maintaining an original sound that is both captivating and inspirational. Moved by subjects such as urban isolation and the outburst of mankind’s deepest emotions, Subheim delivers the ideal soundtrack for those moments of chaos or melancholy reflections.

‘Approach‘ is the highly-anticipated and now critically-acclaimed debut album from this talented Greek artist. Featuring remixes by Mobthrow (GR) and Flaque (GER).

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