Purcell: The Indian Queen (Remastered) Deller Consort

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Label: Harmonia Mundi

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Interpret: Deller Consort

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  • Henry Purcell (1659 - 1695): The Indian Queen, Z. 630:
  • 1The Indian Queen, Z. 630: Overture04:27
  • 2The Indian Queen, Z. 630: Prologue04:49
  • The Indian Queen, Z. 630, Acte I:
  • 3The Indian Queen, Z. 630, Acte I: "Wake, Quivera, wake" (Boy)09:34
  • The Indian Queen, Acte II:
  • 4The Indian Queen, Acte II: Symphony04:30
  • 5The Indian Queen, Acte II: "I come to sing" (Fame and chorus)01:42
  • 6The Indian Queen, Acte II: "What flattering noise" (Envy and two followers)03:10
  • 7The Indian Queen, Acte II: "Begone" (Fame)01:59
  • The Indian Queen, Acte III:
  • 8The Indian Queen, Acte III: Symphony00:57
  • 9The Indian Queen, Acte III: "Ye twice ten hundred deities" (Ismeron)05:04
  • 10The Indian Queen, Acte III: "Seek not to know" (God of dreams)04:17
  • 11The Indian Queen, Acte III: Trumpet overture02:41
  • 12The Indian Queen, Acte III: "Ah! how happy we are". "We the spirits of the air" (Aerial spirits)04:00
  • 13The Indian Queen, Acte III: "I attempt to love's sickness" (Aerial spirits)01:48
  • 14The Indian Queen, Acte III: "We the spirits of the air" (Aerial spirits)03:16
  • The Indian Queen, Acte IV:
  • 15The Indian Queen, Acte IV: "They tell us" (Ozaria)03:31
  • The Indian Queen, Acte V:
  • 16The Indian Queen, Acte V: "While thus" (Chorus)05:07
  • Timon of Athens:
  • 17Timon of Athens: Overture04:30
  • 18Timon of Athens: "Hark! how the songsters of the grove"06:51
  • 19Timon of Athens: "Come all, come all to me"04:55
  • 20Timon of Athens: "The care of lovers"04:09
  • Total Runtime01:21:17

Info zu Purcell: The Indian Queen (Remastered)

In quest of the (Baroque) Indies. The subject, synonymous with exoticism in Europe of the Golden Age,pits Aztecs against Incas on the stage: Purcell died before finishingthe music, but what he left to accompany this staged entertainment is nonetheless a swan-song of exceptional beauty.

The Deller choir
The King's Musick
Alfred Deller, direction

Digitally remastered

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