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Label: Minabel Records

Genre: Easy Listening

Subgenre: Soundscapes

Interpret: Shin Sasakubo & Dai Fujikura

Komponist: Shin Sasakubo, Dai Fujikura

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FLAC 96 $ 13,50
  • 1Manayachana (The Mystery of Things)05:59
  • 2Tuta Wayra (Evening Wind)04:00
  • 3Rumi (Stone)04:00
  • 4Puyu (Cloud)04:38
  • 5Tinkay (Offering (To God))08:32
  • 6Anqas (Blue)05:23
  • 7Paseo Alpaca (Passage to Alpaca)04:49
  • 8Wawa (Daughter)04:15
  • 9Wayta (Flower)04:21
  • Total Runtime45:57

Info zu Manayachana

As I write this, Shin and I have still not met face to face. One day Shin contacted me through a social networking site, asking if I had any guitar pieces which he could perform in a concert. I told him I do, but I have taken a look at his musical activities, and thought it would be great if we can find a way to co-compose a piece. I proposed this to him and he was over the moon.

He was very busy working on his own albums at that time, so I knew he would be in and out of the recording studio. I asked him if he could play some fragments while the engineer was on a break, then send them to me. He played some improvisations and sent me the files. I extracted one note at a time from these samples and started creating the electronic sounds. I then reconstructed the improvisations in electronic form and composed a backing track. I sent the track back to him, he said “It’s finished, it’s great!” But I had intended that this was merely the backing track. So I asked him to add a layer (again his own improvisation) on top of the track next time he had a coffee break from his own album recording. He played, recorded and sent it back to me. As usual, his recording was full of material. This was a bit too much for one track, so I started by eliminating a lot of material. Then I reconstructed it again and mixed it. This became the 1st track, which is the title piece, “Manayachana”. (taken out of the booklet)

Shin Sasakubo, guitar
Dai Fujikura, electronics, treatment
Irma Osno, voice (on tracks 6, 8)

Recorded in May 2014 at Minabel Studio, London and STUDIO JOY, Chichibu
Engineered by Dai Fujikura, Noritaka Yamaguchi
Mastered by Dai Fujikura
Produced by Shin Sasakubo & Dai Fujikura

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