Procrastinated Memoirs Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees

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Label: Spectra Music Group

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

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FLAC 48 $ 8,50
  • 1Traffic03:53
  • 2Therapist03:56
  • 3Vanilla Salt Black Voodoo03:35
  • 4Next Words You Say03:13
  • 5Avalanche03:20
  • 6Alabama Baby03:02
  • 7Radio03:56
  • 8Rhythm and Brews03:47
  • 9Just Dropped In02:52
  • 10King Without A Crown03:47
  • 11Ol' Bones03:03
  • 12Say Your Prayers03:51
  • Total Runtime42:15

Info zu Procrastinated Memoirs

Procrastinated Memoirs by Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees is a great album, full of Guitar Rock styling tempered with Rhythm and Blues, From the First Track “Traffic” on through to the last “Say Your Prayers”, Procrastinated Memoirs is fast and fun ride in power driven music. some tracks I am especially fond of are “Vanilla Salt Black Voodoo”, “Alabama baby” and “King Without a Crown”, in a sense, these 3 superb tracks can give you a strong insight into the chemistry of the band, as well as their remarkable talents in song writing. Some serious good music on this album that I feel is a nice change from some of the homogenized drivel coming out of the mainstream labels, recalling back to when music meant something, Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees has definitely brought back the true nature of Groove oriented Rock and redefined the genre to suit a more passionate music style.

"Slick…that’s the one word I could use to describe Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees’s Procrastinated Memoirs album, released in April of this year. Actually, make that two words: slick and clever…this album is slick and clever. At least, that’s what Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees made it out to be, especially with their metaphorical lyrics and their various musical tones. Though each song tells a story, some more provocative than others, this is definitely not a kiddy-worthy album for story-time. It shouldn’t be, as this is an adult contemporary-worthy album…perfect for adult story-time. The themes being talked (or sung) about is the exact reason why. These themes involve mental health, one-night stand situations, and love, both forbidden and genuine. With track names like Avalanche, Just Dropped In, Rhythm and Brews, and Alabama Baby, you wouldn’t think that’d be the case. A bit of advice? Think again.

Apart from the lyrics, the album’s best aspect is its appreciation for music. I’m talking about music genres. Specifically, this rock album experiments with the funk and rap genres, as well as other rock aspects. Some people call it genre-based collaboration. But, as a music fanatic, I call it musical versatility, which is something that every musical artist, no matter the genre, needs to know about. The thing is music isn’t just about the story, lyrics, or even inspiration; it’s, in part, about versatility. It’s one thing to be a talented and musically-inclined artist, but it’s another thing to be a versatile artist. Jacob Needham and The Blue Trees understood that and made sure to cleverly incorporate other genres. What’s even better is that the other genres weren’t so loud that they overpowered their album’s main genre: rock.

The themes are the album’s second-best aspect…and a whole different story. Judging from the name Procrastinated Memoirs, it’s pretty safe to say that the stories of these tracks were derived from personal experiences. On the other hand, it’s also safe to say that they’re not. Who really knows? Maybe these stories are derived from everyday life situations. Take Vanilla Salt Black Voodoo and Traffic, two very different songs, for example. Traffic is the epitome of escaping life’s troubles…a life aspect that’s nobody’s best friend. On the other hand, Vanilla Salt Black Voodoo explains exactly what can happen when you get caught up in some bad romance…hence the Lady Gaga pun (yes, it is a pun). Every day, whether it’s in America or another country, someone is going through some type of struggle. 9 times out of 10, they’re looking for a way out. The same goes for hopeless romantics thinking they’ve finally found love…or lack thereof…only to realize that it was just a counterfeit. Next thing they know, they end up looking lost and thinking, “…what just happened?”

Jacob Needham, vocals, guitar
James Tyler Cody, lead guitar
RaShaun Whetstone, drums
Chris Bevacqua, bass

Jacob Needham & The Blue Trees
is a Southern Americana Groove Rock band based in Nashville, Tennessee. Originally hailing from Birmingham, Alabama, the Blue Trees have been active since 2015 both as a recording and touring act. The Blue Trees signed with Spectra Music Group in October, 2017 and will be releasing their debut album, Procrastinated Memoirs in the first quarter of 2018. The band cites such influences as Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Eagles, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Led Zeppelin, and Waylon Jennings. The band consists of singer and lyricist Jacob Needham, guitarist James Tyler Cody, bassist Ben Trexel, and drummer RaShaun Whetstone. From the start, the band’s goal has been to write hooky, polished songs that will have audiences moving their feet and leaving with a smile on their face.

The band was formed when Jacob Needham sought out a guitar player after the success of his solo debut single, “Forever Girl.” After James Tyler Cody answered a music classified ad, James and Jacob wrote their first song within 10 minutes of meeting and later discovered they had the same Birthday! Synchronicities and serendipity have followed this band ever since and have enabled them to quickly become a driving force on the Southern music scene.

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