Radio Tarifa

Biographie Radio Tarifa

The name RADIO TARIFA is an explicit reference to the type of musical wave that the group wants its listeners to catch - Cape Tarifa is the point of Spain which is closest to Africa. According to the group : "Tarifa is a frontier town, a no-man´s land and, above all, the Mediterranean´s balcony". RADIO TARIFA´s world is one of Iberian musical styles (flamenco, Arab-Andalucian, medieval and Castillian) where unfolding melodies and an enriched rhythmic base permit continued dialogue between the percussive instruments, wood and string sections, and voice.

Distancing itself from all forms of musical purism in their choice of timbres and treatment of melodies, the group mixes arrangements of traditional compositions with their own original works. They use instruments which were played in Ancient Egypt (ney : a cane flute), and others from classical Greek and Roman times (Mediterranean instruments such as the wooden oboe or harmonium), combining them with modern instruments like the saxophone or electric bass guitar. The resultant music is both familiar and exotic.

Since the release of "Rumba Argelina", they have played in hundreds of concerts and each time RADIO TARIFA plays, they leave their audience hypnotized by their richness of rhythms and melodies. Apart from performing regularly in Spain, RADIO TARIFA plays abroad and audiences in the following countries have had the chance to enjoy their music : Germany, Italy, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland, Holland, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Hungary, Eslovenia, Austria, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, ,Egypt, Palestine, Australia, New Zealand, Brasil, Colombia, Mexico, Canada and United States.

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