The Seldom Scene

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The Seldom Scene
is an American bluegrass band formed in 1971 in Bethesda, Maryland. The Scene has been instrumental in starting the progressive bluegrass movement as their shows include bluegrass versions of country music, rock, and even pop. What does it take for a bluegrass band to remain popular for more than four decades? For The Seldom Scene, it's taken not only talented musicians, a signature sound, and a solid repertoire, but also a sheer sense of fun.

The Seldom Scene’s current lineup features Connell on guitar, Reid on mandolin and finger-style guitar, Simpkins on bass, Travers on reso-guitar, and Ron Stewart on banjo and fiddle. Having just signed a deal with Rounder Records, this veteran band can look forward to success in the ever-expanding digital world of bluegrass. A new project is set to be recorded, starting early in 2018, to be the first with new member Stewart. As of now, The Seldom Scene has recorded 22 albums during its history.

Reid also enjoys Seldom Scene because it transcends the genre, in his opinion.

“I like the Seldom Scene because we are not just a bluegrass band. Instrument-wise, yes, but we don’t approach music in just a bluegrass direction. We like blues, rock, folk, country and gospel music that we pull some of our material from. I also approach the music with a similar attitude as the Scene with my own group, Lou Reid & Carolina. But I feel that I do more bluegrass-y songs with my own band.”

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