Shan Qi

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Shan Qi
project started in Oslo in 2003 with a collaboration between Guo Yue, Giovanni Amighetti, Helge A. Norbakken and Gjermund Silset.

The idea is to combine mountain-related chinese and european musical influences to release a brand new approach to contemporary music.

The music of Shan Qi has chinese ambience and moods, italian easy-listening melodies and craziness, norwegian sounds and structure.

Also an important issue in Shan Qi is to modernize chinese music based on traditional instruments due to its players exposure to american and european artistical approach.

During the years different musicians interact with Shan Qi, as chinese composer-guzheng virtuoso Wu Fei, young italian stick player Guido Ponzini, guitarist Brge Petersen-verleir, percussionist Fulvio Maras, taiko drummer Joji Hirota, sound engineer and producer Bruno Cimenti and guests as Daniele Sepe.

In China Shan Qi and related projects by single musicians (eg. Wu Fei's concert in Forbidden City, Beijing) have generated strong controversy because of the new approach to instrumentes generally related to tradition.*

In September 2006 Shan Qi recorded a music dvd in beautiful landscapes on Italian Alps (Dolomites).

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