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Label: DMP

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

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  • 1Patti Cake04:29
  • 2Come Down Easy03:34
  • 3Naima05:16
  • 4The Immigrants05:24
  • 5Song for Leah04:02
  • 6In the Wind06:05
  • 7Bring on the Night05:41
  • 8Summer End04:33
  • 9Don't Pack Your Bags07:11
  • 10Little Chubby01:37
  • 11Never Too Far Away05:31
  • 12Friends03:58
  • 13Al Mare03:39
  • 14Little Dancer02:55
  • Total Runtime01:03:55

Info for Thom Rotella Band (Remastered)

"Der Gitarrist Thom Rotella zählt(e) zur exklusiven Clique amerikanischer Studio-Cracks. Lionel Ritchie, Donna Summer, Kenny Rogers und Bette Midler bedienten sich seiner Saitenkünste, er schrieb Musik zu Filmen wie "Norma Rae" und fürs Fernsehen. Doch erst nach einem Jahr, durch Clubauftritte zusammengewachsen, fühlte sich die Band mit Wayne Pedzwater (Bass), Mark Minchello (Keyboards) und Clint deGanon (Drums), ergänzt durch den Percus- sionisten David Charles, reif für eine Plattenaufnahme. Bei der Suche nach einem Label gerieten sie an Tom Jung. Und dessen Digital Music Products Incorporated (DMP) ist ebenso berühmt wie berüchtigt dafür, daß Studiofe- tischisten keine Chance haben. Was sich im Studio live tatsächlich ab- spielte, wurde direkt und digital auf ein Zwei-Spur-Band aufgenommen. Nur bei "Patti Cake", gitarrendominiert, mit fließenden Melodiebögen à la Lee Ritenour, fügte der Synthesizer sachte Streicherklänge hinzu. Doch anson- sten blieb's dabei: Easy-Listening-Musik pur, die sich ebenso als hintergründige Klangmalerei in Zeitgeist-Bars eignet wie zur heimeligen Däm- merstunde. Völlig aus dem Rahmen fällt da "Friends"; in dräuende New Age- Wolken platzt wie Blitz und Donner Wayne Pedzwaters hinreißendes Baßsolo, prägnant, auf den Punkt, knallhart angerissen. Allein schon deswegen lohnt sich diese CD - als Testexemplar. Normale Musikkonsumenten seien gewarnt: Die aberwitzig dynamische Parforce-Tour könnte für Ihre Boxen die letzte sein! Doch auch für gemäßigtere audiophile Ansprüche finden sich unter den 14 Instumentals etliche Glanzstücke. Selten werden die Kontraste akusti- scher Gitarren-Klangfärbung so offenkundig hörbar wie im Latinbeswingten "The Immigrants" (mit Nylonsaiten gespielt) und der melancholischen, auf Stahlsaiten gehaltenen Zwiesprache mit dem Piano in "Summer's End". Die Balance der Aufnahme "Don't Pack Your Bags" ist beispielhaft: Zu Gitarrenharmonien und glockenrein klingenden Becken fügt ein bundloser Baß seine singende Stimme zum absolut homogenen Klangbild. Was neben den Sounddelikatessen bei der Thom Rotella Band auf- und gefällt: Es gibt keine effektheischenden Solo-Trips, alle arbeiten im Dienst der Stücke, präzise, routiniert und vermitteln doch soviel Spaß am Spiel, daß der Fu- sion-Funke überspringt." (Audio)

Digitally remastered

Thom Rotella
"I remember it like it was yesterday...I'm eight years old and my buddy, Rich and I are looking through the basement window of Mt. Carmel Church (Niagara Falls, NY) where there's a dance going on. I see this multi-headed monster, with arms flailing and all this sound and energy blasting me, and people dancing... it was the first time I saw a live band and I said to myself, man I gotta be a part of this!!!! -- Thom Rotella

Now a talented instrumentalist and composer, Thom Rotella has achieved both critical and commercial success. He has produced and recorded 11 CDs as a leader that have garnered listeners throughout the world for many years. He has also had a thriving career writing and playing for television and films, as well as being an in-demand session player.

Rotella has performing and recording credits with a wide variety of world-renowned artists across the musical spectrum, including Norah Jones, D onna Summer, Frank Sinatra, Cher, The Beach Boys, Phil Spector, Lionel Richie, Bette Midler, Luciano Pavarotti, Seth MacFarland, David Foster, Stanley Turrentine, Tom Scott, Rick Braun, Gerald Ablright and Gregg Karukas.

Rotella wrote and performed the score for the movie "Altos"; as well as writing for and performing on such TV shows "Ellen DeGeneres"; "Extra"; "Sex and the City"; and "China Beach." He created original music for television commercials for Ford, Cadillac, Goodyear, Chevrolet and Taco Bell. In addition, he also played guitar on "The Simpsons," "Family Guy," "American Dad," "The Tonight Show" and "The Tracey Ullman Show." He has appeared on numerous movie soundtracks, including "Ted," "Ted 2," "Splash," "Same Time Next Year," "The Gods Must Be Crazy," "Rumblefish," and "Mississippi Masala."

Thom Rotella was born in Niagara Falls, N.Y., surrounded by a very musical family. When he was six years old he started playing for the fun of it on his grandfather's guitar. He began serious guitar lessons at the age of ten. As a teenager, Rotella played rock 'n roll, but soon discovered jazz through the recordings of Wes Montgomery. He subsequently attended Ithaca College (as a classical guitar major), and while at Berklee College, studied under Gary Burton (1970-1972). Rotella left Berklee to tour with a lounge band, then moved to Los Angeles where he found a mentor in the legendary studio guitarist Tommy Tedesco. He quickly established himself as a top call studio musician. However, after a few years of this work, he began to miss performing live, so in 1980 moved to New York, where although he continued studio work, he also had more opportunities for live performance.

It was at this time that he was "discovered" by the pioneer digital recording company, DMP (Digital Music Products) and made 3 CDs, (1987-90) all of which found a world-wide market, receiving extensive radio airplay.

By 1988, with enough of New York under his musical belt, he moved back to Los Angeles. A 1996 Christmas album for Telarc led to a signing with that label and the recording of 1997s "Can't Stop," which included the top radio hit "What's the Story." Taking a hiatus for a while, in 2002, Rotella returned to the scene with an "homage" to Wes Montgomery, titled "A Day In The Life." That was followed by a straight-ahead jazz release, "Out of the Blues." in 2007 and another Christmas CD, "12" in 2012.

He is currently working on a new jazz CD; is featured on a big band collaboration with composer Walter Murphy ("Family Guy", "Ted, Fifth of Beethoven") and continues performing with his 4tet, with sax legend Ernie Watts. Rotella says: "There is nothing more fun than playing live, because I'm able to get an instantaneous response to what we're doing as a band, and to see how that moves people emotionally. The interplay between these musicians is incredible, and always leads to surprises."

Rotella continues to surprise and lead his audiences into often-uncharted territory -- but always with that sense of adventure and passion that have been a cornerstone of his musical life.

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