Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Hans Zimmer

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Label: Watertower Music

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: Hans Zimmer

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  • 1Dream of Arrakis 03:08
  • 2Herald of the Change 05:01
  • 3Bene Gesserit 03:54
  • 4Gom Jabbar 02:00
  • 5The One 02:30
  • 6Leaving Caladan 01:55
  • 7Arrakeen 02:16
  • 8Ripples in the Sand05:14
  • 9Visions of Chani 04:27
  • 10Night on Arrakis 05:03
  • 11Armada 05:09
  • 12Burning Palms 04:04
  • 13Stranded 00:58
  • 14Blood for Blood 02:29
  • 15The Fall 02:32
  • 16Holy War 04:20
  • 17Sanctuary 01:50
  • 18Premonition 03:30
  • 19Ornithopter 01:54
  • 20Sandstorm 02:35
  • 21Stillsuits 05:31
  • 22My Road Leads into the Desert 03:52
  • Total Runtime01:14:12

Info for Dune (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

"We agreed that the music would need to have a spirituality to it… a sanctified quality. Something that would elevate the soul and have the effect that only sacred music can. And I believe that is firmly present in Hans’ score. Hans spent months and months creating new instruments, defining, creating, and seeking new sounds, pushing the envelope." (Denis Villeneuve)

Zimmer also worked on Blade Runner 2049 with Villeneuve. That relationship, along with his passion for Frank Herbert’s story, is why he came aboard. “I absolutely love working with Denis,” says Zimmer. “He has an incredible imagination and offers so much heart and soul within the complexity of making a film of this magnitude, and our aesthetic is very comparable.”

“Dune has always been very close to both of our hearts. So the task was to figure out how we were going to interpret something we truly loved and admired and invite the audience to come and have their own personal experience. That was, for us, the reason to make this film.”

Villeneuve also said, “Hans spent months and months creating new instruments, defining, creating, and seeking new sounds, pushing the envelope.” Thus giving fans hours and hours of music to relive all their favorite Dune moments.

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