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Label: Genuin

Genre: Classical

Artist: Octavians, Akademischen Orchestervereinigung Jena, Sebastian Krahnert & Andreas Kuch

Composer: Heinrich von Meissen (1250–1318), Karsten Gundermann

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  • Karsten Gundermann (b. 1966):Kreuzleich:
  • 1Kreuzleich: No. 1, Wie wunder wernder süze ursprinc (Live)02:46
  • 2Kreuzleich: No. 2, Wie vor der zit geselle (Live)01:27
  • 3Kreuzleich: No. 3, Sạm von der sunnen tut der schin (Live)01:17
  • 4Kreuzleich: No. 4, Den sụn. David in geiste gịcht (Live)02:08
  • 5Kreuzleich: No. 5, Sprich, vạterlich persone (Live)02:19
  • 6Kreuzleich: No. 6, Is, wạzzer, sne sich vrien (Live)02:54
  • 7Kreuzleich: No. 7, Wer nerte, Jona, dich in visches wạmme? (Live)02:07
  • 8Kreuzleich: No. 8, Isaịas, wer wạs der seraph, der sich dir erscheinte (Live)02:29
  • 9Kreuzleich: No. 9, Sạge, Israhel, berichte mich (Live)02:06
  • 10Kreuzleich: No. 10, Des vạter zorngejeide (Live)02:14
  • 11Kreuzleich: No. 11, Alrerst viel der reine, wise, starke, gute (Live)02:39
  • 12Kreuzleich: No. 12, Der blumen glanz gar sunder schranz belibet (Live)02:49
  • 13Kreuzleich: No. 13, Got spranc uz sinem vạter in sin ewekeit (Live)01:58
  • 14Kreuzleich: No. 14, Gelichen sich der slạngen slịngen, wịnden er hie wolde (Live)01:44
  • 15Kreuzleich: No. 15, Adạm biltsạm vernạm. Er grạm (Live)02:40
  • 16Kreuzleich: No. 16, Stoz uf die hant! Dir wirt bekant des criuzes rant (Live)01:49
  • 17Kreuzleich: No. 17, Cypressus, cedrus, palmenboum (Live)02:45
  • 18Kreuzleich: No. 18, Got sin öl und sinem crẹsem (Live)01:31
  • 19Kreuzleich: No. 19, Sụst wart der tot erwẹcket (Live)02:15
  • 20Kreuzleich: No. 20, Zwei uber hạten tiefen tạl (Live)02:48
  • 21Kreuzleich: No. 21, Hẹlenen vinden, daz kạn binden (Live)02:13
  • 22Kreuzleich: No. 22, Becriste, criuze, uns cristen (Live)03:18
  • Total Runtime50:16

Info for Karsten Gundermann: Kreuzleich (Live)

The Kreuzleich by Heinrich “Frauenlob” von Meissen is over 700 years old, making it one of the oldest surviving oratorios of the German cultural sphere. Known up to now only as a silent fragment of Meistersinger history, composer Karsten Gundermann, together with the multi-award-winning a cappella ensemble Octavians, brings it to life for our present time: Gundermann has revamped Frauenlob’s notated melodies and fragmentary manuscripts into a fascinating work for soloists, chamber choir, and orchestra, and the result is sensational! With their three countertenors and supported by the Akademische Orchestervereinigung Jena, the Octavians create a lively blend of age-old and new, of archaic sounds and orchestral colors sung and played at the highest level.

Octavians, Vocal Ensemble
Akademischen Orchestervereinigung Jena
Sebastian Krahnert, conductor
Andreas Kuch, organ

The Octavians [ˌokˈteɪvɪæns]
rank among the most well-known vocal ensembles in Germany. They are the award winners of a number of a cappella competitions and excel with their homogeneous sound and musical versatility while successfully balancing the demands of a vocal repertoire containing both sacred and humoristic music.

Their three countertenors lend the group a distinctive timbre and thus allow them to cover the vocal spectrum from the highest soprano to the lowest bass. The Octavians’ repertoire of sacred and secular a cappella works ranges from the beginning of polyphony during the eighth century to contemporary jazz and pop.

In 2010, the Octavians won 1st prize at the national competition “Jugend musiziert”. One year later, the Octavians were awarded a Silver Diploma at the a cappella festival “Vokal total” in Graz against international competition. This was followed by third place in the “Klassisches Ensemble” (classical ensemble) category at the 2014 Deutscher Chorwettbewerb (German Choral Competition). In 2017, the Octavians won the prestigious international A CAPPELLA Competition and also received the coveted audience award. As award-winners, they were subsequently invited to give a concert at the Leipzig A CAPPELLA Festival and to perform as part of the Bachfest Leipzig.

Concerts and radio performances have introduced the Octavians to a wide audience in Germany. International tours have taken the singers to Tunisia, the Chinese metropolitan cities of Guangzhou and Hong Kong as well as throughout Europe.

Die Akademische Orchestervereinigung Jena
The Friedrich Schiller University Jena is home to the Akademische Orchestervereinigung Jena, in which currently over 70 students, employees of the university and music lovers as well as professional musicians make music together. Throughout its 60 years of existence, the orchestra has given numerous concerts of works ranging from the Baroque Period to world premieres of contemporary compositions.

Sebastian Krahnert
artistic director of the Akademische Orchestervereinigung Jena since 1991, studied orchestral conducting and piano in Dresden and Weimar. Engagements as a conductor, pianist and an accompanist have led him to work at the Theater Erfurt, in Weimar as director of the symphony orchestra of the Musikgymnasium Schloss Belvedere as well as with the Orchester der Humboldt Universität Berlin “cappella academica”.

He has given concerts at the Dresdner Musikfestspiele, the Berlin Schauspielhaus, the Staatsoper Unter den Linden, the Internationales Musikseminar Weimar and the Schubertiade Weimar, among others.

Andreas Kuch
is a music teacher, composer and beat boxer. He writes arrangements and compositions for choirs and vocal ensembles and is active as a producer for theater projects in and around Erfurt. Andreas Kuch teaches piano improvisation and song accompaniment, is an accompanist for choral workshops and works in improvisational theater. Weimar, among others.

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