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Label: Farao Classics

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Classical Guitar

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FLAC 44.1 $ 12.80
  • 1Entre Dos Auras 06:29
  • 2Gusgulus 04:24
  • 3Saraswathi 04:44
  • 4Behind The Mirror 06:42
  • 5Alma De Cristal05:13
  • 6The Mermaid04:06
  • 7Karnataka05:42
  • 8Namaste Huelva 05:16
  • 9Ganpati 06:21
  • 10Sin Distancia06:23
  • Total Runtime55:20

Info for Crossing Roots

„Crossing Roots“ - flamenco and its Indian sources: Although flamenco is the epitome of traditional Spanish music, its influences can be traced back to a wide variety of cultures. Thus some of its roots can also be found in India. In terms of its rhythmic conception and precision, flamenco’s similarity to classical South Indian Carnatic music is striking.

Presenting their own compositions, Ralf Siedhoff and Manuel Delgado join Spanish and Indian friends in embarking on a musical journey into the past.

Crossing Roots was released in 2000. With this re-release featuring a new look and remastered sound, we want to help ensure that an important part of cross-border music history is not lost.

"... We read in the booklet that the artists want to trace flamenco to its Indian roots – no small aspiration. But whichever way you look at it, the duo of Ralf Siedhoff and Manuel Delgado manage to pull it off: thanks to a first-rate – no, superb crew, the pilgrimage to India has become the truly open dialogue between cultures and eras that we have long awaited. ... In the need generated by pure, naked enthusiasm, I deliberately trot out a journalistic cliché: this CD is an absolute must-have." (JAZZPODIUM)

"... a successful meeting of musical cultures and people whose enjoyment during the recording is audible. Crossing Roots is full of spirit and is light years away from the usual insipid fare." (Journal Frankfurt)

Ralf Siedhoff, guitar
Manuel Delgado, flamenco guitar
T.A.S. Mani, mridangam, konnakol
R.A. Rajagopal, ghatam, konnakol
Ramamani, vocals
Isabel Peláez, vocals
Ernesto Martinez, percussion

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