Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (Remastered) Otto Klemperer

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

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  • Richard Wagner (1813 - 1883): Der fliegende Holländer, WWV 63: Overture:
  • 1Overture11:30
  • Der fliegende Holländer, WWV 63, Act 1:
  • 2Act 1: "Hojohe! Hallojo!" (Chorus, Daland, Steuermann)05:25
  • 3Act 1: "Mit Gewitter und Sturm aus fernem Meer" (Steuermann)06:17
  • 4Act 1: "Die Frist ist um" (Höllander)02:52
  • 5Act 1: "Wie oft in Meeres tiefsten Schlund" (Höllander)02:39
  • 6Act 1: "Dich frage ich, gepries'ner Engel Gottes" (Holländer)02:44
  • 7Act 1: "Nur eine Hoffnung soll mir bleiben" (Holländer, Chorus)03:12
  • 8Act 1: "He! Holla! Steuermann!" (Daland, Steuermann)02:11
  • 9Act 1: "Weit komm'ich her" (Holländer, Daland)01:45
  • 10Act 1: "Durch Sturm und bösen Wind verschlagen" (Holländer)02:41
  • 11Act 1: "Wie wunderbar! Soll deinem Wort ich glauben?" (Daland, Höllander)02:39
  • 12Act 1: "Was muss ich hören? ... Hast du eine Tochter?" (Daland, Höllander)02:59
  • 13Act 1: "Wohl! Fremdling, hab'ich eine schöne Tochter" (Daland, Holländer)02:58
  • 14Act 1: "Wenn aus der Qualen Schreckgewalten" (Daland, Holländer)02:44
  • 15Act 1: "Südwind! Südwind!" (Steuermann, Chorus, Daland, Holländer)02:05
  • 16Act 1: "Mit Gewitter und Sturm aus fernem Meer" (Chorus)02:19
  • Der fliegende Holländer, WWV 63, Act 2:
  • 17Act 2: Introduction02:03
  • 18Act 2: "Summ und brumm, du gutes Rädchen" (Chorus, Mary)04:35
  • 19Act 2: "Du böses Kind, wenn du nicht spinnst" (Mary, Chorus, Senta)03:25
  • 20Act 2: "O Macht dem dummen Lied ein Ende" (Mary, Chorus, Senta)02:05
  • 21Act 2: Johohoe! ... Traft ihr das Schiff im Meere an" (Senta)03:09
  • 22Act 2: Bei bösem Wind und Sturmes Wut" (Senta, Chorus)02:24
  • 23Act 2: "Vor Anker alle sieben Jahr'" (Senta)01:13
  • 24Act 2: "Ach! Wo weilt sie" (Chorus, Senta, Mary, Erik)03:51
  • 25Act 2: "Bleib, Senta! Bleib nur einen Augenblick!" (Erik, Senta)00:48
  • 26Act 2: "Mein Herz, voll Treue bis zum Sterben" (Erik, Senta)03:36
  • 27Act 2: "Wie? Zweifelst du an meinem Herzen?" (Erik, Senta)02:33
  • 28Act 2: "Fühlst du den Schmerz, den tiefen Gram" (Erik, Senta)01:58
  • 29Act 2: "Auf hohem Felsen lag ich träumend" (Erik, Senta)03:09
  • 30Act 2: "Ach möchtest du, bleicher Seemann" (Senta)01:30
  • 31Act 2: "Mein Kind, du siehst mich auf der Schwelle" (Daland, Senta)01:51
  • 32Act 2: "Mögst du, mein Kind, den fremden Mann" (Daland)03:59
  • 33Act 2: "Doch keines spricht" (Daland)02:57
  • 34Act 2: "Wie aus der Ferne längst vergangner Zeiten" (Holländer)03:43
  • 35Act 2: "Versank ich jetzt in wunderbares Träumen" (Senta, Holländer)04:15
  • 36Act 2: "Wirst du des Vaters Wahl nicht schelten?" (Senta, Holländer)03:05
  • 37Act 2: "Du bist ein Engel!" (Senta, Holländer)02:54
  • 38Act 2: "Ein heil'ger Balsam meinen Wunden" (Senta, Holländer)02:27
  • 39Act 2: "Verzeiht! Mein Volk hält draussen sich nicht mehr" (Daland, Senta, Holländer)02:27
  • Der fliegende Holländer, WWV 63, Act 3:
  • 40Act 3: Entr'acte - "Steuermann, lass die Wacht!" (Chorus) ... Tanz03:52
  • 41Act 3: "Mein! Seht doch an! Sie tanzen gar!" (Chorus, Steuermann)06:40
  • 42Act 3: "Juchhe! Da gibt's die Fülle!" (Chorus, Steuermann)01:55
  • 43Act 3: "Johohoe! Johohoe!" (Chorus)04:17
  • 44Act 3: "Was muss ich hören, Gott, was muss ich sehn!" (Erik, Senta)02:44
  • 45Act 3: "Willst jenes Tags du nich dicht mehr entsinnen" (Erik)03:10
  • 46Act 3: "Verloren! Ach, verloren!" (Holländer, Erik, Senta)02:49
  • 47Act 3: "Erfahre das Geschick, vor dem ich dich bewahr'!" (Holländer)01:55
  • 48Act 3: "Zu Hilfe! Rettet, rettet sie!" (Erik, Senta, Daland, Mary, Chorus, Holländer)03:39
  • Total Runtime02:31:58

Info for Wagner: Der fliegende Holländer (Remastered)

When this recording of Der fliegende Holländer first appeared in 1968, Gramophone magazine declared it “as perfect as we have any right to demand”. Otto Klemperer conceives the score on an epic scale, and Theo Adam, reaching deep into the heart of the world-weary Dutchman, meets his match in the young and incandescent Senta of Anja Silja.

„One of the great shames of recording history is that Otto Klemperer had so few opportunities to record Wagner during his long career. The great German conductor did record most of the composer's overtures and preludes, as well as a heartbreakingly beautiful Siegfried Idyll, but of the stage works, he recorded only one act of Die Walküre, Wotan's Farewell, and two complete operas: Lohengrin, in gratingly poor sound from Budapest in 1948, and this version of Der fliegende Holländer in very fine stereo sound from London in 1968. An even greater shame is that this performance is hardly representative of the conductor at his best; in fact, it could be said that it is very nearly Klemperer at his worst. The grand old man of the podium was 83 when this recording was made, and his performances had been going downhill for several years as the result of medical problems. The performance's lack of drive, cohesion, unity, and especially drama undermines it. There are good things here, though, mostly from the singers, but occasionally from Klemperer. Theo Adam is a worthy Dutchman, while Martti Talvela is an impressive Daland and Anja Silja is a fetching Senta. One can hear the heroic Klemperer at some points -- the storm music is persuasive and the transformation at the close is effective -- but overall, it is a disappointing performance.“ (James Leonard, AMG)

„This performance is as perfect as we have any right to demand. Klemperer’s magisterial interpretation of the opera has a blazing intensity, the orchestra plays superbly and the cast give of their considerable best.“ (Gramophone)

Theo Adam (Dutchman)
Anja Silja (Senta)
Martti Talvela (Daland)
Ernst Kozub (Erik)
Annelies Burmeister (Mary)
Gerhard Unger (Steersman)
BBC Chorus & New Philharmonia Orchestra
Otto Klemperer, conductor

Remastered by Ian Jones at Abbey Road Studios

Digitally remastered

Otto Klemperer
The German conductor Otto Klemperer (1885-1973) was born in Breslau (now Wroclaw, Poland). He studied at the Frankfurt Conservatory, then at Berlin's Klindworth-Scharwenka Conservatory, where he took lessons in composition and conducting from Pfitzner, making his debut in Berlin in 1906 with Offenbach's Orphée aux enfers. On Mahler's recommendation he became chorus master then conductor at Prague's German Theatre (1907-10); between 1910 and 1917 he worked at the opera houses of Hamburg, Bremen and Strasbourg; he was musical director at Cologne (1917-24), Wiesbaden (1924-27) and Berlin's Kroll Opera (1927–31), but left Nazi Germany in 1933, eventually settling in the USA, where he became conductor of the Los Angeles Philharmonic (1933-39).

After a brain tumour operation in 1939 his career faltered until he became director of the Hungarian State Opera (1947-50). In the 1950s and 60s he achieved great success, largely through his association with the Philharmonia Orchestra in London and his recordings for EMI. In 1959 he was appointed the Philharmonia's 'conductor for life'. His last concert was in September 1971. Many of Klemperer's fine EMI recordings are available in the Great Recordings of the Century series.

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