Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri London Symphony Orchestra & Sir Simon Rattle

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Label: LSO Live

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Opera

Artist: London Symphony Orchestra & Sir Simon Rattle

Composer: Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

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  • Robert Schumann (1810 - 1856): Das Paradies und die Peri, Op. 50, Erster Teil:
  • 1No. 1 Vor Edens Tor im Morgenprangen03:56
  • 2No. 2 Wie glücklich sie wandeln02:14
  • 3No. 3 Rezitativ - Der hehre Engel, der die Pforte01:45
  • 4No. 4 Wo find ich sie?02:22
  • 5No. 5 So sann sie nach01:03
  • 6No. 6 Doch seine Ströme sind jetzt rot02:41
  • 7No. 7 Und einsam steht ein Jüngling02:06
  • 8No. 8 Weh, weh, er fehlte das Ziel01:52
  • 9No. 9 Die Peri sah das Mal der Wunde06:16
  • Das Paradies und die Peri, Op. 50, Zweiter Teil:
  • 10No. 10 Die Peri tritt mit schüchterner Gebärde02:46
  • 11No. 11 Ihr erstes Himmelshoffen schwand03:27
  • 12No. 12 Fort streift von hier das Kind der Lüfte03:39
  • 13No. 13 Die Peri weint02:25
  • 14No. 14 Im Waldesgrün am stillen See02:55
  • 15No. 15 Verlassener Jüngling03:36
  • 16No. 16 O lass mich von der Luft durchdringen04:21
  • 17No. 17 Schlaf nun und ruhe in Träumen voll Duft03:55
  • Das Paradies und die Peri, Op. 50, Dritter Teil:
  • 18No. 18 Schmücket die Stufen zu Allahs Thron02:54
  • 19No. 19 Dem Sang von ferne lauschend02:54
  • 20No. 20 Verstossen! Verschlossen aufs neu04:05
  • 21No. 21 Jetzt sank des Abends goldner Schein04:05
  • 22No. 22 Und wie sie niederwärts sich schwingt03:14
  • 23No. 23 Hinab zu jenem Sonnentempel05:40
  • 24No. 24 O heilge Tränen innger Reue02:25
  • 25No. 25 Es fällt ein Tropfen05:24
  • 26No. 26 Freud, ewge Freude, mein Werk ist getan05:50
  • Total Runtime01:27:50

Info for Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri

In his debut recording on LSO Live, Sir Simon Rattle conducts a stunning performance of Schumann’s rarely recorded Das Paradies und die Peri featuring a superb line-up of soloists.

Rattle is well-known for being a champion of this rarely-heard work, and yet this is the first audio recording he has made of it. Here it is brought to life by the LSO under his baton, and the starry line-up makes the best possible case for Schumann's great oratorio.

Sir Simon says of the piece, 'It's the great masterpiece you've never heard, and there aren't many of those now.... This is just something else, a complete anomaly if you think about it. In Schumann's life it was the most popular piece he ever wrote, it was performed endlessly. Every composer loved it. Wagner wrote how jealous he was that Schumann had done it and he'd stolen this subject that he wanted to do and how extraordinary it was... It was a playground for composers and the piece was extraordinary.'

Based on an episode from Thomas Moore's epic poem Lalla Rookh, itself inspired by exotic, colourful tales taken from Persian mythology, Das Paradies und die Peri reflects the 19th-century craze for all thing Oriental. Completed in 1843, Schumann's 'secular oratorio' tells how the Peri, a legendary creature, was expelled from paradise and follows her quest to redeem herself by giving the gift that is most dear to heaven.

Writing about the work in a letter to a friend, Schumann said, 'at the moment I'm involved in a large project, the largest I've yet undertaken - it's not an opera - I believe it's well-nigh a new genre for the concert hall.' Conceived in three beautifully sequenced parts, it is unlike any oratorio of Schumann's day. Sustained melodic invention is clear throughout, with Peri's high C in the final forming a deftly timed climax.

Soprano Sally Matthews gives a soaring performance as the Peri, showcasing Schumann's imaginative and emotive vocal writing, while there are also superb supporting performances from Mark Padmore, Kate Royal, Andrew Staples and Florian Boesch.

"There's no hiding either Rattle's eloquent advocacy of the work or the encouraging signs regarding his rapport with the orchestra, who play superbly for him. Phrases are invariably beautifully turned, and there is evidence of real care having been taken throughout." (Gramophone Magazine)

"You can really tell that Rattle loves this work. His approach is full of affection — listen to the care he lavishes on the stunning ending of Part Two — but also architectural breadth." (MusicWeb International)

"Rattle’s ability to elicit delicate sonorities turns the entire three-part, ninety-minute oratorio into one gently undulating statement. [The soloists] shine as an ensemble, their massed efforts well-blended and musicianly, projecting a real sense that they have entered into the corporate spirit of this remarkable performance." (Opera News)

"it’s the vivid intimacy of the best recitals that Rattle, his players and choice cast achieves here. Matthews is utterly convincing in the taxing role of the Peri, Padmore a forthright, crystalline Narrator, while the quartet of Kate Royal, Bernarda Fink, Andrew Staples and Florian Boesch is luxury casting" (Classical Music)

"The LSO shows its delicate and soulful side… the Chorus is at its best and convinces by its presence… This is a very good recording which, by force, dynamism and sensibility, does entirely justice to this wonderful romantic work." (Pizzicato)

Sally Matthews (Peri)
Mark Padmore, narrator
Kate Royal, soprano
Bernarda Fink, alto
Andrew Staples, tenor
Florian Boesch, bass
Soloists from Guildhall School (Quartet)
London Symphony Orchestra & London Symphony Chorus
Sir Simon Rattle, conductor

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