Bigaglia: Miserere, Missa in F Major & Credo in F Major Hannover Boys Choir, La Festa Musicale & Jörg Breiding

Cover Bigaglia: Miserere, Missa in F Major & Credo in F Major

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Label: Rondeau

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

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  • Diogenio Bigaglia (1676 - 1745): Miserere:
  • 1Miserere: I. Miserere03:19
  • 2Miserere: II. Amplius lava me02:38
  • 3Miserere: III. Tibi soli peccavi03:01
  • 4Miserere: IV. Ecce enim02:28
  • 5Miserere: V. Asperges me01:46
  • 6Miserere: VI. Auditui meo02:00
  • 7Miserere: VII. Cor mundum02:47
  • 8Miserere: VIII. Redde mihi laetitiam01:22
  • 9Miserere: IX. Docebo iniquos vias03:25
  • 10Miserere: X. Domine labia mea aperies01:54
  • 11Miserere: XI. Sacrificium Deo Spiritus02:15
  • 12Miserere: XII. Benigne fac Domine03:11
  • 13Miserere: XIII. Tunc acceptabis01:06
  • 14Miserere: XIV. Tunc imponent03:47
  • Mass in F Major:
  • 15Mass in F Major: I. Kyrie eleison I03:53
  • 16Mass in F Major: II. Christe eleison01:17
  • 17Mass in F Major: III. Kyrie eleison II00:43
  • 18Mass in F Major: IV. Gloria in excelsis Deo01:16
  • 19Mass in F Major: V. Et in terra pax01:24
  • 20Mass in F Major: VI. Laudamus te01:57
  • 21Mass in F Major: VII. Gratias agimus tibi03:10
  • 22Mass in F Major: VIII. Domine Deus02:53
  • 23Mass in F Major: IX. Domine Fili04:02
  • 24Mass in F Major: X. Qui tollis I02:07
  • 25Mass in F Major: XI. Qui tollis II02:51
  • 26Mass in F Major: XII. Qui sedes02:20
  • 27Mass in F Major: XIII. Quoniam tu solus02:18
  • 28Mass in F Major: XIV. Cum Sancto Spiritu03:37
  • Antonio Lotti (1667 - 1740): Credo in F Major:
  • 29Credo in F Major: I. Credo03:44
  • 30Credo in F Major: II. Crucifixus03:06
  • 31Credo in F Major: III. Et resurrexit03:01
  • 32Credo in F Major: IV. Et unam sanctam00:54
  • 33Credo in F Major: V. Et vitam venturi01:30
  • Total Runtime01:21:02

Info for Bigaglia: Miserere, Missa in F Major & Credo in F Major

For a very long time, the church music of Diogenio Bigaglia (1676-1745), who worked in the Benedictine monastery of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice, has remained hidden from posterity. With the present recording, this musical treasure, which has slumbered in the archives for centuries, is being awakened from its beauty sleep. The Hanover Boys Choir and La Festa Musicale play at their usual high standard and create an impressive soundscape in the outstanding acoustics in the church of the Stephansstift in Hanover.

Veronika Winter, soprano
Magdalene Harer, soprano
Alex Potter, countertenor
Georg Drake, tenor
Markus Flaig, bass
La Festa Musicale
Knabenchor Hannover
Jörg Breiding, direction

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