Moondog: Piano Trimba Dominique Ponty & Stefan Lakatos

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  • 1Für Fritz, Chaconne in A Minor02:14
  • 2Fleur de Lis00:31
  • 3Barn Dance00:50
  • 4Canon 2, Op. 6702:40
  • 5Divisi 2: I01:21
  • 6Canon Book 3, Op. 65: I01:13
  • 7Canon Book 3, Op. 65: II02:01
  • 8Canon Book 3, Op. 65: IV00:29
  • 9Canon Book 3, Op. 65: VI00:21
  • 10First Look, then Sound00:57
  • 11Ma petite00:33
  • 12Caribea01:31
  • 13Deuce 1: II01:36
  • 14Canon Book 3, Op. 65: V01:56
  • 15Canon Book 3, Op. 65: XXII02:07
  • 16Mother´s Whistler, Chaconne in C Major02:09
  • 17I'll Tell You a Story01:00
  • 18Ambideque 1: I04:00
  • 19I'll Tell You a Story (Arranged for Harpsichord by Dominique Ponty)00:59
  • 20Canon Book 3, Op. 65: VIII00:38
  • 21Canon Book 3, Op. 65: X01:19
  • 22Canon Book V: XII02:03
  • 23Canon Book V: XVI01:43
  • 24Short Spot01:02
  • 25Mazurka01:42
  • 26Rue Lette02:11
  • 27Canon Book 3, Op. 65: XVIII01:24
  • 28Canon Book V: IV01:05
  • 29Canon Book V: XVII01:29
  • 30The Square Monkey02:17
  • 31Ma Petite (Arranged for Harpsichord by Dominique Ponty)01:34
  • 32Archey Says02:03
  • Total Runtime48:58

Info for Moondog: Piano Trimba

The project "Piano Trimba" by Dominique Ponty (piano) and Stefan Lakatos (trimba), gathering miniatures composed by Moondog during his life, is remarkable for more than one reason. On the one hand, because his performers have known and worked for many years with the composer. On the other hand because this very sensitive recording brings together known pieces and unpublished pieces of Moondog, most of which are dedicated to Dominique. In perfect resonance with the work of Moondog, Dominique and Stefanen are today the most authentic performers. The truly "unheard" character of these works, their faithful interpretation, attentive to every detail, make this record an indispensable testimony to the work of this luminous musician.

Dominique Ponty, piano
Stefan Lakatos, trimba

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