Cuba Classics (Remastered) Leo Brouwer

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Label: Warner Classics

Genre: Guitar

Subgenre: Classical Guitar

Artist: Leo Brouwer

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  • Joaquín Nin-Culmell (1908 - 2004): 6 Variations on a Theme by Milán:
  • 1Nin-Culmell: 6 Variations on a Theme by Milán05:46
  • Carlos Fariñas (1934 - 2002): Preludio for Guitar:
  • 2Fariñas: Preludio for Guitar02:40
  • Harold Gramatges (1918 - 2008): Pequeña Suite "Homenaje a Ravel":
  • 3Gramatges: Pequeña Suite "Homenaje a Ravel"05:48
  • Manuel Saumell (1818 - 1870): 51 Contradanzas:
  • 4Saumell: 51 Contradanzas: No. 23, El Cataclismo (Arr. for Guitar)01:21
  • 5Saumell: 51 Contradanzas: No. 42, La Caridad (Arr. for Guitar)00:43
  • 6Saumell: 51 Contradanzas: No. 28, Recuerdos Tristes (Arr. for Guitar)01:03
  • 7Saumell: 51 Contradanzas: No. 20, La Quejosita (Arr. for Guitar)01:29
  • 8Saumell: 51 Contradanzas: No. 6, Los Ojos de Pepa (Arr. for Guitar)01:39
  • Leo Brouwer (b. 1939): La Espiral Eterna:
  • 9Brouwer: La Espiral Eterna07:28
  • Hector Ángulo (b. 1932): Cantos Yoruba de Cuba:
  • 10Ángulo: Cantos Yoruba de Cuba08:29
  • Amadeo Roldàn (1900 - 1939): Danza del Diablito:
  • 11Roldán: Danza del Diablito01:30
  • Leo Brouwer: 2 Aires Populares Cubanos:
  • 12Brouwer: 2 Aires Populares Cubanos: No. 2, Zapateado02:02
  • 13Brouwer: 2 Aires Populares Cubanos: No. 1, Guajira Criolla02:15
  • Total Runtime42:13

Info for Cuba Classics (Remastered)

2019, marks the 80th birthday of Leo Brouwer. For most of this past year—2018—he has been traveling the world, picking up honors left and right at guitar festivals, holding master classes, and generally soaking up some much-deserved appreciation from the guitar word for his long, illustrious career.

These pieces were a sort of résumé of my first hearings of Bartók and Stravinsky. Harmony? I knew nothing of harmony, but I had in my head the sounds I wanted, vertical and horizontal. I was clearly thinking of the spirit of my country, of the Afro-Cuban drums. Three dances from my country, my culture — some of their melodies sound Asiatic, some harmonies sound European, and the rhythms are African. That’s Cuba!

Leo Brouwer, classical guitar

Digitally remastered

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