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Label: 2L

Genre: Vocal

Artist: Fauna Vokalkvintett

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  • 1Det kimer nå til julefest03:04
  • 2Jeg er så glad hver julekveld04:48
  • 3Et lidet barn så lystelig02:18
  • 4Deilig er den himmel blå04:11
  • 5Ei rose er utsprungen03:11
  • 6Et barn er født i Betlehem04:42
  • 7Folkefrelsar til oss kom02:54
  • 8Haugebonden03:37
  • 9Nu er det gamle år forsvunnet03:16
  • 10Den fagraste rosa03:11
  • 11Mitt hjerte alltid vanker03:40
  • 12Julesang01:41
  • 13Kling no, klokka03:52
  • Total Runtime44:25

Info for LJOS

Autumn and winter bring months of cold and darkness to the North. This is why we have always so warmly embraced the Christmas season in our part of the world. For we celebrate not only the Christian festival, we also celebrate the turning of the sun and the promise of longer, lighter days to come. "Ljos" celebrates this very light — the light that shines at the darkest time, bringing warmth and hope. Fauna present a wonderful selection of Christmas songs — some familiar, some new and tantalizing to the ear — from their native Norway, which through distinctive, sensitive arrangements recreate the contrast between light and dark.


The vocal group Fauna was established in the autumn of 2009 at the Norwegian Academy of Music. The group consists of five skilful members who have their backgrounds from different musical traditions:

Silje Worquenesh Østby Kleiven
Camilla Marie Bjørk Andreassen
Beate Børli Løkken
Christina Thingvold
Gudrun Emilie Goffeng

Fauna works with folk songs outside of the conventional folk music tradition. This enables them to explore an intriguing sound, as two of the members are trained jazz singers, while the remaining three are practised in the classical tradition.

Fauna’s musical arrangements are written by the members of the group, and all compositions are tailored for their voices.

Through the music it becomes evident that it is the mixture of differences that makes up the unique and brave sound they present here.

With their debut album Solefall (Sunset), the Norwegian vocal ensemble Fauna leads the listener through a beautiful selection of Norwegian folk songs, all somehow thematically bound to the evening, night and morning. The result is a beguiling and engaging album with great textural variety, spanning from fragility to brutality.

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