Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) John Williams & John Powell

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Label: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Film

Artist: John Williams & John Powell

Composer: John Williams (1932), John Powell

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  • 1The Adventures of Han03:47
  • 2Meet Han02:18
  • 3Corellia Chase03:32
  • 4Spaceport04:05
  • 5Flying with Chewie03:28
  • 6Train Heist04:46
  • 7Marauders Arrive05:13
  • 8Chicken in the Pot02:07
  • 9Is This Seat Taken?02:34
  • 10L3 & Millennium Falcon03:15
  • 11Lando's Closet02:11
  • 12Mine Mission04:09
  • 13Break Out06:13
  • 14The Good Guy05:23
  • 15Reminiscence Therapy06:11
  • 16Into the Maw04:47
  • 17Savareen Stand-Off04:24
  • 18Good Thing You Were Listening02:06
  • 19Testing Allegiance04:19
  • 20Dice & Roll01:54
  • Total Runtime01:16:42

Info for Solo: A Star Wars Story (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ever since the Star Wars franchise began in 1977, its music has been synonymous with legendary film composer John Williams. Now that the 86-year-old composer has announced that next year's Episode IX will be the last time he'll be scoring a Star Wars film, we can't help feeling melancholic.

One of the most important things about any Star Wars movie is the soundtrack. Everyone knows how a Star Wars movie sounds. The opening is classic. There's the great fanfare as the screen goes black and that big chord breaking into the familiar, triumphant main theme when the crawl starts. There are the leitmotifs of Luke, Leia, and The Imperial March, some of which fans can sing by heart. But the Solo: A Star Wars Story soundtrack is very different. For one thing, they don't have the opening. Why? Because, like Rogue One before it, Solo is an anthology film, and does not have a crawl.

Solo is also like Rogue One in that composer John Williams did not write the score. He contributed (more on this in a minute) but the overall score was done by musician John Powell, who is best known for his work on How To Train Your Dragon and Shrek. (Yes, Shrek.)

The score for Solo is 20 tracks in all, 19 of which are done by Powell. The good news is none of the titles listed on the album are direct spoilers, so one can peruse the names in peace. Though some do bring to mind questions, such as the track entitled "Lando's Closet." Seriously, the man's wardrobe gets its own theme song.

John Williams
was born in 1932 in Long Island, New York, and later moved with his family to Los Angeles in 1948. He studied composition at UCLA. After serving in the Air Force, Williams returned to New York to study piano at the Juilliard School of Music. He worked as a jazz pianist for a time before moving back to Los Angeles to begin his career in the film studios.

Mr. Williams has composed the music for close to eighty films and has composed some of the most famous themes ever written for cinema. Some of these include Harry Potter, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET - the Extraterrestrial, Jurassic Park, the Star Wars Pre-episode and Trilogy, the Indiana Jones Trilogy, Home Alone, and Empire of the Sun. Receiving 45 Academy Award nominations, Williams has been awarded with five Oscars, seven British Academy Awards, twenty-one Grammies and four Golden Globes. He also has several gold and platinum recordings. His film score for Schindler's List earned him an Oscar and a Grammy. With 45 Academy Award nominations, John Williams has the most nominations of any person alive, and is tied for second ever after Walt Disney!

Mr. Williams was named the 19th conductor of the Boston Pops Orchestra in 1980, retiring in 1993. He has appeared as guest conductor with many major orchestras, including the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and has also written many concert pieces. His concert compositions include: Five Sacred Trees, a bassoon concerto premiered by the New York Philharmonic in 1995, a cello concerto premiered in 1994 by Yo-Yo Ma and the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and several concertos for flute, violin, clarinet, and tuba. His trumpet concerto premiered in 1996 with the Cleveland Orchestra. In addition, Mr. Williams composed the themes for the NBC News, the 1987 International Special Olympics, and the 1984, 1988, and 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

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