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Label: Glossa

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: da tempera velha & ariel abramovich

Composer: Alexander Agricola (1446-1506), Antoine Brumel (1460-1520), Francisco de Penalosa (1470-1537), Juan de Urrede (1430-1482), Juan del Encina (1469-1529), Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474), Giacomo Fogliano (1468-1548), Gilles Binchois (1400-1460), Luys Milan (1500-1561)

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  • Juan de Urrede (1430 - 1482): Nunca fue pena mayor:
  • 1Urrede: Nunca fue pena mayor05:24
  • Antoine Brumel (1460 - 1512): Antoine Brumel:
  • 2Brumel: Ave ancilla trinitatis03:20
  • Francisco de Peñalosa (1470 - 1528): Unica est columba mea:
  • 3Peñalosa: Unica est columba mea02:35
  • Juan del Encina (1468 - 1529): Romerico tú que vienes:
  • 4Encina: Romerico tú que vienes06:28
  • Alexander Agricola (1446 - 1506): Tandernaken:
  • 5Agricola: Tandernaken04:32
  • Alexander Agricola, Gilles Binchois (1400 - 1460): Comme femme desconfortée:
  • 6Agricola, Binchois: Comme femme desconfortée03:19
  • Juan del Encina: Es la causa bien amar:
  • 7Encina: Es la causa bien amar03:42
  • Bartolomeo Tromboncino (1470 - 1535): Vox Clamantis in deserto:
  • 8Tromboncino: Vox Clamantis in deserto02:17
  • Anonymous: Zagaleja del Casar:
  • 9Anonymous: Zagaleja del Casar01:25
  • Giacomo Fogliane (1467 - 1548): L'amor donna ch'io ti porto:
  • 10Fogliane: L'amor donna ch'io ti porto01:46
  • Joan Ambrosio Dalza: Ricercar:
  • 11Dalza: Ricercar01:40
  • Lluys Milan (ca. 1500 - 1561): O vos omnes qui transitis:
  • 12Milan: O vos omnes qui transitis02:52
  • Anonymous: Salve Sancta facies:
  • 13Anonymous: Salve Sancta facies03:16
  • de Quadris (1410 - 1456): Cum autem venissent ad locum:
  • 14Quadris: Cum autem venissent ad locum01:33
  • Anonymous: Tierra y cielos se quexaban:
  • 15Anonymous: Tierra y cielos se quexaban04:01
  • Pues es muerto el Rey del cielo:
  • 16Anonymous: Pues es muerto el Rey del cielo03:39
  • Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1400- 1474): Adoramus te Domine:
  • 17Dufay: Adoramus te Domine01:34
  • Je vous prie:
  • 18Dufay: Je vous prie03:32
  • Juan de Urrede: De vos y de mi quexoso:
  • 19Urrede: De vos y de mi quexoso06:26
  • Anonymous: Amours, Amours:
  • 20Anonymous: Amours, Amours03:23
  • Oya tu merced y crea:
  • 21Anonymous: Oya tu merced y crea03:26
  • Ora bayla tú:
  • 22Anonymous: Ora bayla tú00:54
  • Total Runtime01:11:04

Info for The Palacio Songbook

Early in 1870, a codex containing early Spanish vocal music had been discovered in the library of the Palacio Real in Madrid.

The pieces which had been copied into the manuscript entirely unknown up to that point included compositions from the celebrated Juan del Encina and from many other, little-known, contemporaries of his.

The first modern edition of the suitably entitled iCancionero de Palacioi was published in 1890, immediately becoming a cornerstone of Spanish historical musicology. Later editions and studies consolidated the status of the Cancionero as a landmark in Iberian music.

The present recording contrasts music from this cancionero with that found in other codices containing similar or related repertory, whether it be Iberian in origin or from elsewhere in Europe. It offers a broader vision not only of the iCancionero de Palacioi but also of the musical atmosphere of the time and of the songbook repertory as a whole.

Da Tempera Velha
Ariel Abramovich, lute

Da Tempera Velha
is an ensemble specialized in the Hispanic repertoire of Late Medieval and Renaissance music. The direct contact with the extant sources, their material presence as well as their cultural and political meaning, distinguishes our artistic approach.

Our study and artistic process results in programs of intimate ensemble settings mixing voices and plucked instruments. We aim to present the rich connections between the musical heritage of the Iberian Peninsula, the wider European context and its shared colonial history. The only – apart from three singers – instrumentalist in the group, Ariel Abramovich performed during the first Musica Divina festival in 2018 with the Alternative History Quartet.

Ariel Abramovich
As a teenager, Ariel decided – after being dazzled by a fantasy by Luys de Narváez – to devote his career exclusively to 16th Century repertoire for lute and vihuela. To this day, he has kept to this decision and not regretted it.

In 1996 Ariel moved to Switzerland, where he studied under his teacher and mentor Hopkinson Smith at the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. Later on, he went to France to learn from maestro Eugène Ferré, who showed him a unique approach to the lute and the music written for it.

In Basel, together with altus José Hernández-Pastor, Ariel started the duo El Cortesano in 1998; a musical project dedicated to the repertoire of Spanish vihuelists. In 2001, they recorded their first album, which was entirely devoted to the works of vihuela player Estevan Daça, In 2008 their second album, with works by the Salamanca-born vihuelist Diego Pisador, was recorded.

In 2008 Ariel undertook another duo project, this time with British tenor John Potter; together they revisited the literature for English lute songs.

In 2011, together with Anna Maria Friman and Jacob Heringman, Ariel and John founded Alternative History Quartet. The first album they recorded, “Secret History” was released by ECM in 2017. Two years previously, in 2015, ECM had released the quartet's second recording, “Amores Pasados”, to which musicians Tony Banks (Genesis), Sting and John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin) contributed works previously unpublished and /or especially written for the project.

In 2013, together with soprano María Cristina Kiehr, Ariel started the duo Armonía Concertada, solely performing 16th Century Iberian literature for voice and plucked strings. The duo's first album, “Imaginario: de un libro de música de vihuela”, was published by Arcana in 2019. It was the first reconstruction of a songbook accompanied by the vihuela. In 2021, a second album “The Josquin Songbook” (made up entirely of Josquin Desprez intabulations) was released under the Glossa label.

Ariel is also involved in a project devoted to intabulations for lutes and vihuelas with Renaissance specialist Jacob Heringman. In 2014 they recorded the album “Cifras Imaginarias”, which was released in 2017 by Arcana.

Currently, Ariel is immersed in several duo projects: with French soprano Perrine Devillers, Argentine tenor Jonatan Alvarado, American soprano Anne Kathryn Olsen, and Argentine soprano Nadia Szachniuk.

He is also a founding member of ensemble Da Tempera Velha.

This album contains no booklet.

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