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Label: Ozella Music

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Modern Jazz

Artist: Helge Lien Trio

Composer: Helge Lien Trio

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  • 1Natsukashii03:51
  • 2Afrikapolka04:59
  • 3Bon Tempi04:49
  • 4E06:16
  • 5Sceadu06:09
  • 6Meles Meles05:18
  • 7Hymne (Til Jarl Åsvik)06:35
  • 8Umbigada02:20
  • 9Small No Need06:17
  • 10Living In Different Lives05:15
  • Total Runtime51:49

Info for Natsukashii

The Japanese term Natsukashii describes how intense memories can suddenly be triggered by something as trivial as an old shoe. Norwegian pianist Helge Lien has dedicated his latest trio-CD to these moments, when reality is replaced by reverie and a simple chord can reveal innermost secrets.

Aptly, „Natsukashii“ was recorded in just three days. The sense of spontaneity and subcutaneous tension this has awarded the sessions is palpable on the album, which is pierced by dark metaphors as well as a slow-simmering eroticism and channels the entire breadth of the trio's influences - from classical to jazz and from folk to progressive rock.

To Lien, music has always been about building narratives and the ten stories contained here are among the most alluring and atmospherically dense he's composed. These compositions never just feed from nostalgia, but always explore the magic of the current moment as well – and, in doing so, take their audience on a veritable trip.

The trio that has it all! After ‘Hello Troll’ comes: Natsukashii - Helge Lien Trio “Lien creates music of unexpected depth and slow burn intensity.” (JAZZWISE)

Musicians Helge Lien: piano
Frode Berg: bass
Knut Aalefjær: drums

Helge Lien

Produced by Helge Lien & Dagobert Böhm

A little nation with a big jazz tradition is the land of fjords and trolls. Fascinating new artists and acts sporting a huge zest for playing and an irrepressible urge for experimentation keep pushing out of Norway to conquer the rest of the jazz world. The Helge Lien Trio, who have already won a large circle of fans in Scandinavia and Japan with their five albums and inspiring live concerts, are especially significant. They maintain the balance between jazz traditions and the avantgardist art of improvisation like hardly any other classic piano trio, par excellence.

Helge Lien, who besides his own trio project performs with other Norwegian acts like Silje Nergaard, has developed his very own unmistakeable style of trio playing with band colleagues Frode Berg (bass) and Knut Aalefjær (drums & percussion). With instinctive sureness, the musicians develop a „chamber music“ jazz that stands out through its harmonically complex tone colors. Building on Bill Evans’ lyrical power and the exhilaratingly melancholic playing of Esbjörn Svensson, Lien, in constant dialogue with Berg & Aalefjær, creates distinct moods on 'Hello Troll' – moods that he presents with ease.

Doubtlessly pianist Helge Lien, who is very skilled at playing to the gallery with his modal piano art, is one of the most exciting young talents in Scandinavia. After the honorable Dagbladet from Norway already described the forerunner CD 'To The Little Radio' as „the best Norwegian Piano Trio Album in a long time', we can be looking out for a similar reaction to their new longplayer. Playing their way into the hearts of a steadily growing circle of listeners with classic-impressionistic patterns and rhythmical-melodic jazz, this trio’s resourcefulness seems to truly know no bounds.

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