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  • 1Circuits And Wires03:08
  • 2True Romance03:22
  • 3Son Of A Gun03:20
  • 4Timelines04:05
  • 5Everyone Will Die02:46
  • 6The Coma Kid03:30
  • 7Boxelder03:20
  • 8The Worst Is Yet To Come03:57
  • 9Bad Idea03:03
  • 10Happy Anniversary04:19
  • 11Floating Down The River03:11
  • Total Runtime38:01

Info for Go

Motion City Soundtrack return home to their longtime label Epitaph to release their fifth full-length studio album Go on June 12th, 2012. The new album is the follow-up to the critically acclaimed My Dinosaur Life (Columbia, February 2010) and was recorded over an extended period of time this past winter at Flowers Studio in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN with Ed Ackerson co-producing alongside the band.

"Motion City Soundtrack’s 2010 album My Dinosaur Life was released to critical and popular acclaim, but if that was the sound of the Minnesota rock group hitting their straps, then Go sees them breaking out of the harness. The 11 songs on offer contain the right combination of their familiar melodic pop-punk style and ‘90s indie rock influences, and thanks to this Go is catchy without being overly saccharine, and also slightly unpredictable without being completely inaccessible. Circuits And Wires shines as an opening song thanks to a powerful drumming display by Tony Thaxton, and while it is a hard-hitting introduction, the rest of the album is a much more intimate affair. There are times where you may find yourself scratching your head and wondering whether you’ve heard some of these songs before (Everyone Will Die bears a strange resemblance to The Flaming Lips’ Do You Realize??), and that sense of familiarity is what initially hooks you in. But whether it’s due to the staccato power pop of Boxelder or the brooding, ambient propulsion of Happy Anniversary, Go has enough chops of its own to hold your attention. When you back up a strong album with one that is arguably better than its predecessor, you don’t need to give it a large name. After all, actions speak louder than words – and it seems that five albums in, Motion City Soundtrack still have a lot to say." (Lindsey Cuthbertson, Rave Magazine)

Life is complex but we’ve got plenty of tries to get it right–which is why when Motion City Soundtrack frontman Justin Pierre sings, “All the destruction will one day end and you’ll finally know exactly who you are”—it’s a sentiment of self-discovery filled with optimism instead of regret. Correspondingly after putting out one album on Columbia, Motion City Soundtrack are in the midst of a career renaissance as they return to their longtime label Epitaph to release Go, the most mature and developed album of their fourteen-year career.

Having previously worked with Ric Ocasek, Adam Schlesinger and Eli Janney, as well as Mark Hoppus, Go saw the band—which is also composed of guitarist Josh Cain, bassist Matt Taylor, drummer Tony Thaxton and keyboardist Jesse Johnson—reconvening in their hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota, to spend an extended stretch of time with producer Ed Ackerson (who the band worked with on their acoustic singles collection). The result is a cerebral collection of sounds that confronts big questions without sacrificing any of the energy or raw emotion that has endeared Motion City Soundtrack to fans worldwide.

Justin Pierre, vocals & guitar
Josh Cain, guitar
Matt Taylor, bass
Jesse Johnson, keyboards
Tony Thaxton, drums

Motion City Soundtrack originally formed in fall of 1997 with Joshua Cain and Justin Pierre. They played in bands (The Saddest Girl Story and Slide Coaster) that eventually broke up and Josh then recruited Justin. Justin was into making movies at the time but Josh convinced him that his musical talent was worth pursuing. The band got its name from Josh's brother Brian, who had originally intended to use it for a shop (his brother also named their first major record, I Am The Movie). Motion City Soundtrack's very first lineup included Josh on bass, Joe Skinner on guitar, and Justin singing and playing guitar. They then enlisted Andy Whitney on drums. After a short time Joe left to pursue other interests. Josh then switched to his current instrument, guitar, and asked his former bandmate from Superette, Austin Lindstrom, to take the bass position. At this point the band began writing their own songs.

Andy left the band in early 1998 and the band then asked Joel Habedank, who played in Sadie Foster and the Fuck Yeahs, if he would like to drum for them. With Joel aboard, the band dropped most of the material they had done with Andy and their sound changed. They then began recording the material that would become the Promenade/Carolina 7" and the Kids For America and Back to the Beat EPs. Justin and Josh wanted a moog player, and for a time Andy Gruhn played moog for the band, but eventually they decided they were better off as a foursome with Justin and Josh alternating on the moog.

The band then set out on a tour and Matt Potocnik, of Sadie Foster and Krudler, then joined to play bass. Austin had left the band because his schedule was not as flexible, but eventually he rejoined when the band decided that Matt was not a good fit. Joel also departed, and the band played with a few different drummers until Sidney Burgdorf joined. The band continued touring and recording demos.

In early 2002 MCS lost both Sidney and Austin. They needed a drummer they asked Tony Thaxton (of Submerge) to join and eventually he accepted the offer. MCS had met Thaxton because they played a show with Submerge at the My House Cafe in Milton, PA and the bands became friends. Months later Matt Taylor, also from Submerge, joined as bassist. Jesse Johnson, who was a co-worker of Josh's at Pizza Luce in Minneapolis, joined the band around this time and learned how to play the moog for the band (despite having no previous experience—Jesse actually played bass for 11 years). With their new found stability the band toured constantly, and eventually labels began to take notice. Brett Gurewitz in particular had a strong interest in the band and signed them to Epitaph records in 2003. Motion City Soundtrack then had their major label debut with I Am The Movie in June 2003.

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