Song of Beasts. Fantastic Creatures in Medieval Songs Ensemble Dragma

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Label: Ramée

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chamber Music

Artist: Ensemble Dragma

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FLAC 96 $ 13.20
  • Johannes Ciconia (1370 - 1412):
  • 1Una panthera05:12
  • Anonymous:
  • 2Ung lion say03:06
  • Paolo da Firenze (1355 - 1436):
  • 3Un pellegrin uccel04:56
  • Jacopo da Bologna (1340 - 1360):
  • 4Un bel sparver02:58
  • Francesco Landini (1325 - 1397):
  • 5Selvaggia fera02:21
  • Johannes Ciconia:
  • 6I cani sono fuora02:31
  • Magister Franciscus (1370 - 1380):
  • 7Phiton, Phiton06:26
  • Anonymous:
  • 8Or sus vous dormés trop03:21
  • Anonymous:
  • 9Aquila altera02:56
  • Jacopo da Bologna:
  • 10Fenice fu02:03
  • Giovanni da Firenze (1340 - 1350=
  • 11Nel meço a sey paon01:51
  • Guillaume de Machaut (1300 - 1377):
  • 12Une vipere06:11
  • Donato da Firenze (1350 - 1370):
  • 13L'aspido sordo03:00
  • Trebor (1380 - 1400):
  • 14En seumeillant02:37
  • Anonymous:
  • 15Deh tristo mi topinello02:45
  • Total Runtime52:14

Info for Song of Beasts. Fantastic Creatures in Medieval Songs

Medieval interest in animals and mythical creatures was not limited to the visual arts and literature. At the same time that bestiaries – manuscripts depicting animals and mythical creatures – were being compiled, composers were producing innumerable pieces that describe these same beasts from a musical point of view. "Song of Beasts" combines medieval iconography with texts and music, immersing a modern audience in this fascinating world of verbal, visual and aural imagery. Ensemble Dragma paints a multifaceted, moving and indepth portrait of the bestiaries, giving a glimpse of a long lost medieval mindset. Various mythical and real animals are introduced, including the panther, the viper, the phoenix and the basilisk. These pieces by both renowned and less well-known composers are musical jewels, combining artful poetry with engaging melodies.

Ensemble Dragma

Ensemble Dragma
Three highly-regarded musicians are at the heart of Ensemble Dragma: Agnieszka Budzińska-Bennett, Jane Achtman and Marc Lewon. Their flexible configuration (two voices, vielle, lute, and harp) allows them to bring the repertoire of the high and late Middle Ages to life, in all its colour and variety, for contemporary audiences.

Established in 2012, the group soon embarked on a tour of Germany, France and Switzerland with a programme entitled The Kingdom of Heaven. This is Ensemble Dragma’s first CD.

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