Tricycle (Remastered) Flim & The BB's

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Label: DMP

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

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  • 1Tricycle04:43
  • 2Cakewalk06:39
  • 3Lunch Hour Wedding March06:07
  • 4Sweet Winds of Change05:20
  • 5Tell Me06:16
  • 6Thunder and Birdies05:12
  • 7High Wire05:29
  • 8The03:58
  • 9Sam's Samba06:05
  • 10Eden06:21
  • Total Runtime56:10

Info for Tricycle (Remastered)

Flim and the BB's veröffentlichten 1982 ihr mittlerweile legendäres Album TriCycle, das Fusion-getriebene Songs enthielt. Ihre hochwertigen Kompositionen, gemischt mit großartiger Musikalität, wurden von einer unglaublichen Dynamik angetrieben und waren gleichzeitig eng und locker. Allein die Reinheit der Aufnahmen ließ viele Audiophile ins Stocken geraten, da das Oberflächengeräusch von Vinyl durch die nahezu einwandfreie Stille der CD ersetzt worden war. Wer seine Boxen austesten möchte, was sowohl brillante Höhen als auch tiefgründigen, trockenen Bass angeht, der sollte sich dieses Album nicht entgehen lassen. Aus gutem Grund zählte diese Aufnahme jahrelang zum Pflichtrepertoire bei Anlagentests. Exemplarische Transparenz und trocken-dynamischer Punch legen die Schwächen jeder Anlage bloß.

As we were arriving into the digital age, Digital Music Products. (DMP) began releasing fully digital albums recorded direct to 2-track digital, and yielding some of the highest dynamics heard on compact discs of that era. Flim and the BB’s became one of the labels earliest artist, releasing their album TriCycle in 1982 which featured fusion driven songs that had progressed away from the heavy rock edge commonly characterized by bands in the 70’s. Their quality compositions mixed with great musicianship were powered by incredible dynamics and were both tight and loose at the same time. The pureness of the recordings alone made many audiophiles salivate, as surface noise of vinyl had been replaced with the nearly impeccable silence of the compact disc. The band released several albums, of which their following two “Tunnel” and “Big Notes” kept them in the jazz spotlight for years to come. TriCycle still remains a favorite and could be considered the best place to start when filling up your Desert Island Collection with fusion-jazz.

"Some groups "get it," some don't. Flim & the BB's do. They have all the characteristics of a good fusion group, including quality compositions, great musicianship, and the right dynamics. Flim & the BB's are both tight and loose at the same time, and they never overdo it. TriCycle is a very good album by a very good band." (Tim Griggs, AMG)

Dick Oatts, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, flute, clarinet
Billy Barber, piano, Fender Rhodes, Prophet, Moog
Flim Johnson, bass, 5 String
Bill Berg, drums, percussion

Digitally remastered

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