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Label: WM FR Affiliated/PlayOn

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

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  • 1Paris sera toujours Paris02:57
  • 2Paris canaille03:10
  • 3A Paris03:00
  • 4Dans mon Paris (Version manouche)03:21
  • 5Champs Elysées02:56
  • 6Sous le ciel de Paris03:15
  • 7La parisienne03:01
  • 8I Love Paris / J'aime Paris (en duo avec Nikki Yanofsky)04:46
  • 9La romance de Paris (en duo avec Thomas Dutronc)03:28
  • 10La complainte de la butte03:21
  • 11J'aime Paris au mois de mai (en duo avec Charles Aznavour)04:08
  • 12Paris, l'après-midi02:22
  • 13J'ai deux amours03:39
  • Total Runtime43:24

Info for Paris

This album is unique for several reasons: ZAZ loves Jazz and, for the first time of her career, she was accompanied by a Big Band. « You can definitively feel the energy of each musician who makes you want to kick it » she says « Jazz is a demanding music which requires to be structured, you need to navigate subtly amid all of these instruments, but at the same time I had a great feeling of freedom enabling me to stretch my voice, be creative and take my interpretation further… »

The way she decided to work upstream around mostly French musical greats makes it unique too… because ZAZ, who only recently moved to Paris and does not care about fashion, does not like the « ready-to-sing », she wants it « tailor-made »!

In fact, our singer approached this project as if it was an album of original compositions… Zaz, who has the ability to open the doors of imagination to others, invited her loyal musicians who join her on stage, of whose Ilian Abou and Thierry Faure who produced the best part of this third album, to take part in a wild sensory experience in the music studio: play live a whole list of songs about Paris… without the influence of the original versions.

Letting herself being guided by the voice of her intuition on each track, although she implicitly followed the rules of Jazz but not exclusively… The dozen chosen songs will instil a wide range of musical flavours which spices up wonderfully the voice of our singer since her beginnings… a pinch of gospel, Gypsy swing, a zest of tango and Slavic songs… As I am sure you have understood by now, our heroin does not let chance dictate her decisions as evidenced by her meeting with the graphic artist Mustapha Boutadjine who she asked to produce the album cover.Her mosaic portrait made of collages of torn pages of people magazines represents the Paris she loves so much, multicultural and avant-garde all at once, which lives and continually regenerates. Paris will always be Paris… even more when Zaz brings together prestigious guests as Charles Aznavour or Nikki Yanofsky around her « Eiffel Tower ».

Zaz, Gesang

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