Wolf Valley Eyolf Dale

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Label: Edition Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Contemporary Jazz

Artist: Eyolf Dale

Composer: Eyolf Dale

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FLAC 48 $ 12.50
  • 1Furet05:13
  • 2Fernanda06:02
  • 3Shostachoral05:54
  • 4Ban Joe07:11
  • 5Sideways06:41
  • 6Teglstein03:23
  • 7The Creek06:27
  • 8Silent Ways06:31
  • 9The Walk04:01
  • Total Runtime51:23

Info for Wolf Valley

Wolf Valley is the new album from Norwegian pianist and composer Eyolf Dale. Although this is his fifth album as a leader since he burst onto the Norwegian scene in 2008, it was with Daniel Herskedal, the innovative tuba player, that Eyolf developed an international profile. He played on Daniel’s Edition release Slow Eastbound Train (2015) and now with Wolf Valley Eyolf Dale has brought together eight of the finest musicians from the vibrant Norwegian jazz scene to create an album of subtle grooves, beautiful melodies and rhythmic interplay.

“Wolf Valley is my name, ‘Eyolf ‘meaning ‘wolf’ and ‘Dale’ meaning ‘valley’. This music is the most defining production of my own music until this point in my life: therefore a self-titled album. It is something totally different from my previous solo projects, and it´s a different approach to my musical vision, something much bigger!”

The Octet consists of an exciting collection of musicians from Norway’s young jazz scene. Along with Eyolf are André Roligheten (tenor sax & clarinet), Per Zanussi (bass & saw), Gard Nilssen (drums), Rob Waring (vibraphone), Adrian Waade (violin), Kristoffer Kompen (trombone) and Hayden Powell (trumpet).

You can hear the opening track ‘Furet’ on the forthcoming album ‘Northern Edition’ curated by Fiona Talkington.

Eyolf Dale, piano
André Roligheten, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Hayden Powell, trumpet
Kristoffer Kompen, trombone
Rob Waring, vibraphone
Adrian Løseth Waade, violin
Per Zanussi, bass, saw
Gard Nilssen, drums

Eyolf Dale
was born in Skien, Norway 5th of March 1985. He started playing piano at the age of 6 years, and started taking lessons shortly after. In 2009 he finished his graduate studies in Performing jazz and improvisation at Norwegian Academy of Music, and in 2011 he completed the master’s program in improvisation.

Dale is known from both his solo work, successful collaborations with a great number of jazz artists, and from bands like Albatrosh, Hayden Powell Trio, Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, and more. He’s a touring and frequently recorded artist, and has contributed on most Norwegian jazz festivals in addition to international festivals such as the North Sea Jazz Festival, 12 Points!, Shanghai Arts Festival and Südtirol Jazz Festival. Both as a sideman and a solo performer, he has performed in countries such as the US, Germany, Nederlands, Poland, Czech Republic, Finland, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Japan, England, Ireland, South Africa, Tanzania, South Korea, Italy and China.

His solo work showcases the mature lyrical introspection that’s often associated with Norwegian jazz, but equally, there is an explorative curiosity and restless free elements that is becoming an emergent hallmark of the younger Nordic improvisers.

“1st prize for pianists” Nomme Jazz, Tallinn Estonia, 2009
“Young Jazz Musicians of the year/JazzIntro “ Molde, 2008
Skien kommunes oppmuntringspris (encouragement award, City of Skien)
“Best band” in European Jazz Competition, North Sea Jazz 2009
SpareBank1 “JazZtipendiat” – Albatrosh 2012
Nominated for Spellemannprisen in the category of Jazz 2014

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