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  • Ambroise Thomas (1811 - 1896): Thomas: La Cour de Célimène: Act 1:
  • 1Act 1: Overture06:17
  • 2Act 1: "Bientot elle arrive" (Young Man, Adolescent, Old Man, Chorus of 12 Men)07:49
  • 3Act 1: "Il parait, chere soeur" (The Baroness, the Countess)00:38
  • 4Act 1: "Qui, c'est le plus grand des bonheurs" (The Countess, the Baroness)06:09
  • 5Act 1: "Charmez, brillez, c'est de votre age" (The Commander, the Baroness)03:06
  • 6Act 1: "C'est un mariage" (The Baroness, the Countess, Ensemble)01:18
  • 7Act 1: "Ainsi, un fois maries" (The Baroness, the Commander, the Countess)00:47
  • 8Act 1: "Que dites-vous?" (The Commander)04:49
  • 9Act 1: "Allons, rassurez-vous" (The Countess, the Commander, the Baroness)00:34
  • 10Act 1: "Ça va être bien divertissant" (The Commander, the Baroness)03:46
  • 11Act 1: "Ah, vous voila donc, chevalier?" (The Baroness, the Chevalier)00:44
  • 12Act 1: "Mais pardon ..." (The Chevalier, the Baroness)05:40
  • 13Act 1: "Eh bien! Monsieur" (The Countess, the Chevalier)01:29
  • 14Act 1: "Oh... Ah! Cessez de grâce" (The Chevalier, the Countess)02:42
  • 15Act 1: "Ainsi, madame" (The Chevaliers, the Countess)00:49
  • 16Act 1: "Quels fracas!" (Chorus, the Commander, the Chevalier)06:27
  • Act 2:
  • 17Act 2: "Dieu! Quel mortel ennui" (The Countess)03:22
  • 18Act 2: "Que voulez-vous" (The Countess)08:18
  • 19Act 2: "Ma soeur! Ma soeur!" (The Baroness, the Countess)00:25
  • 20Act 2: "Voila donc la cruelle" (Chorus of 12 Men, the Countess, the Baroness)05:40
  • 21Act 2: "Sur le terrain, tous deux enfin" (The Commander, All)06:18
  • 22Act 2: "Ainsi, commandeur, vous voila" (The Countess, the Baroness, the Commander)00:23
  • 23Act 2: "Nous pouvons arranger l'affaire" (The Commander, the Countess, the Baroness)05:20
  • 24Act 2: "Ainsi, noble baronne" (The Commander, the Baroness, the Countess)01:37
  • 25Act 2: "Aucun, et je proteste! ..." (The Chevalier, the Baroness)03:33
  • 26Act 2: "Et maintenant, chevalier" (The Baroness, the Chevalier)01:37
  • 27Act 2: "Que vois-je?" (The Chevalier, the Commander, the Baroness, the 12 Men, the Countess, the Baroness)06:07
  • Total Runtime01:35:44

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"OK, so this is never going to be a staple of the repertoire and that is part of its attraction on disc. Thomas's rarer-than-rare opera, about a woman who seems to enjoy tormenting her multiple suitors, is an outmoded comedy of manners. But it also features a sparkling score and is very ably performed by soprano Laura Claycomb and bass Alastair Miles in particular. Frothy fun." (Gramophone)

Laura Claycomb, soprano
Alastair Miles, bass
Philharmonia Orchestra
Andrew Litton, conductor

Digitally remastered

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