Hildegard von Bingen: Ordo Virtutum Ars Chroralis Coeln & Maria Jonas

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Label: Raumklang

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Ars Chroralis Coeln & Maria Jonas

Composer: Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179)

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  • Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179): Ordo Virtutum, Prolog:
  • 1Ordo Virtutum, Prolog: Virtutes01:55
  • 2Ordo Virtutum, Prolog: "Audite "o lucis filie"04:19
  • 3Ordo Virtutum, Prolog: "Qui sunt hi" (Patriarche & Prophete)02:55
  • 4Ordo Virtutum, Prolog: "O antiqui sancti, Nos sumus radices" (Patriarche & Prophete)02:05
  • Ordo Virtutum, Szene I:
  • 5Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "O nos peregrine"02:20
  • 6Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "O dulcis divinitas- O felix Anima - O libenter - Nos debemus"02:30
  • 7Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "O gravis labor"01:38
  • 8Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "O Anima - Succurite michi - Vide quid illud sit"01:44
  • 9Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "O nescio- O infelix - Tu nescis, nec vides" (Anima)02:07
  • 10Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "Deus creavit mundum - Fatue, fatue"01:14
  • 11Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: Virtutes "O plangens vox"03:30
  • 12Ordo Virtutum, Szene I: "Que est hec -Ego cum meis sodalibus" (Diabolus)02:02
  • Ordo Virtutum, Szene II:
  • 13Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego, Humilitas"01:30
  • 14Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego Karitas"04:00
  • 15Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego Timor Dei"01:31
  • 16Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Euge! Euge! - Tu autem exterritus es"01:56
  • 17Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego lucida Obedientia"01:05
  • 18Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego Fides"01:38
  • 19Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego sum dulcis conspectrix"02:03
  • 20Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "O virginitas"04:04
  • 21Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego, contemptus mundi"02:26
  • 22Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego aurea porta"01:40
  • 23Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego sum amatrix"01:46
  • 24Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego obtenebro"01:07
  • 25Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "O quam amara est illa"01:39
  • 26Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego Victoria"01:49
  • 27Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego Discretio"01:31
  • 28Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "Ego sum columpna"01:10
  • 29Ordo Virtutum, Szene II: "O filie Israel - Heu, heu"02:12
  • 30Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "O vos regales Virtutes"04:56
  • Ordo Virtutum, Szene III:
  • 31Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "Ego peccator - O Anima, fugitiva"03:21
  • 32Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "Et o vera medicina - O omnes Virtutes - Volumus te"02:43
  • 33Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "Humilitas. O misera filia - O vivens fons"04:04
  • 34Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "Que es, aut unde venio? Ego omnes vias meas malas"02:12
  • 35Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "O Victoria"03:11
  • 36Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "In mente altissimi"01:44
  • 37Ordo Virtutum, Szene III: "O Deus, quis es tu - O pater omnipotens"02:37
  • 38Ordo Virtutum, Szene III, Finale: "In principio"05:46
  • Total Runtime01:32:00

Info for Hildegard von Bingen: Ordo Virtutum

Only a single manuscript transmits Hildegard’s ordo virtutum: the Wiesbaden Codex (also known as the Rupertsberger Riesencodex), which was started in the scriptorium of her monastery in Bingen during the last years of her life and finished after her death. Today it is considered to be her legacy: Hildegard has not only the authoress of the individual works collected here, but also had influence on the overall composition of the codex. She wanted her work to be transmitted only in this and not in any other way. The giant codex begins with her first work Scivias - Direction. It concludes with her songs in neumatic notation: first, the seventy-five that she wrote for the canonical hours, followed by the sacred music play ordo virtutum. It remains uncertain then and for that occasion it was written. An early, purely test version is found already at the end of Scivias. Its title as preserved in the giant codex combines two key words from Hildegard’s complete theology: ordo and virtus.

Ars Chroralis Coeln
Maria Jonas, direction

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