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Label: Audioguy

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Instrumental

Artist: Youhwa Lee

Composer: Arvo Pärt (1935)

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  • Arvo Pärt (b. 1935): Spiegel im Spiegel:
  • 1Spiegel im Spiegel09:48
  • Für Anna Maria:
  • 2Für Anna Maria01:24
  • Vier leichte Tanzstucke fur Klavier (1956~1957) "Musik fur Kindertheater":
  • 3Vier leichte Tanzstucke fur Klavier (1956~1957) "Musik fur Kindertheater" Ⅰ. Der gestiefelte Kater00:44
  • 4Vier leichte Tanzstucke fur Klavier (1956~1957) "Musik fur Kindertheater" Ⅱ. Rotkappchen und der Wolf01:52
  • 5Vier leichte Tanzstucke fur Klavier (1956~1958) "Musik fur Kindertheater" Ⅲ. Schmetterlinge02:12
  • 6Vier leichte Tanzstucke fur Klavier (1956~1958) "Musik fur Kindertheater" Ⅳ. Tanz der Entenküken02:21
  • Piano Sonatina Op:
  • 7Piano Sonatina Op.1-1 (1958) I. Allegro 02:31
  • 8Piano Sonatina Op.1-1 (1958) II. Larghetto-Allegro05:18
  • 9Piano Sonatina Op.1-2 (1959) I. Allegro energico01:58
  • 10Piano Sonatina Op.1-2 (1959) II. Largo02:11
  • 11Piano Sonatina Op.1-2 (1959) III. Allegro01:52
  • Für Alina (1976):
  • 12Für Alina (1976)02:45
  • Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka (1977):
  • 13Variationen zur Gesundung von Arinuschka (1977)05:31
  • Hymn to a Great City (1984, rev.2004) "für zwei Klaviere":
  • 14Hymn to a Great City (1984, rev.2004) "für zwei Klaviere"03:37
  • Total Runtime44:04

Info for Arvo Pärt Piano Music

“Tintinnabuli” is a new style of sound which Arvo Pärt discovered during a time of long silence.

What led him to choose "the ringing of the bell (Tintinnabuli)"? A bell aspires to reach the sky above.

But how can a bell made of metal reach the sky?

This desire, which seems impossible, is achieved in a way that no one could anticipate. When a bell allows itself to be tolled, its lips begin to break the silence. Sounds come to life out of the lips of metal.

The inattentive ear cannot appreciate this sound. Only to the one who waits for the bell in silence, who stands firmly and feels the breathing of the iron... only to such a one, the bell reveals the ringing voice of high antiquity.

Youhwa Lee, piano

Youhwa Lee
has wide range as a pianist she is a musician recognized for her music activity. Classical, Romantic, as well as baroque with a wide repertoire of Classic, Jazz and Tango etc.

Youhwa Lee released Arvo Pärt Piano Music in 2017. She found this spirit ‘returning’ in the musical works of Arvo Part. The duet started when the music inside of her very being met with the soul of a composer in his element.

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