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  • Carl Höckh (1707 - 1773): Violin Sonata in D Major:
  • 1Violin Sonata in D Major: I. Adagio (I)01:48
  • 2Violin Sonata in D Major: II. Allegro (I)04:00
  • 3Violin Sonata in D Major: III. Presto02:51
  • Violin Sonata in G Major:
  • 4Violin Sonata in G Major: I. Siciliano02:28
  • 5Violin Sonata in G Major: II. Allegro03:29
  • 6Violin Sonata in G Major: III. Tempo di Menuet & Variations05:39
  • Violin Sonata in C Major:
  • 7Violin Sonata in C Major: I. Allegro03:59
  • 8Violin Sonata in C Major: II. Andante innocentemente01:57
  • 9Violin Sonata in C Major: III. Presto02:43
  • Violin Sonata in B-Flat Major:
  • 10Violin Sonata in B-Flat Major: I. Adagio02:25
  • 11Violin Sonata in B-Flat Major: II. Allegro05:11
  • 12Violin Sonata in B-Flat Major: III. Affectuoso03:18
  • Violin Sonata in E Major:
  • 13Violin Sonata in E Major: I. Adagio03:07
  • 14Violin Sonata in E Major: II. Allegro04:30
  • 15Violin Sonata in E Major: III. Allegro03:41
  • Violin Sonata in G Major:
  • 16Violin Sonata in G Major: I. Allegro03:30
  • 17Violin Sonata in G Major: II. Affettuoso01:59
  • 18Violin Sonata in G Major: III. Presto03:16
  • Violin Sonata in D Major:
  • 19Violin Sonata in D Major: I. Adagio (II)02:35
  • 20Violin Sonata in D Major: II. Allegro (II)04:00
  • 21Violin Sonata in D Major: III. Vivace02:55
  • Total Runtime01:09:21

Info for Höckh: Violin Sonatas

Carl Höckh is undoubtedly an exceptional figure. Previous research and scientific inquiries do not explain many facts from his life, and the authenticity of some of his works is questioned. During the research, even the violinist’s portrait has remained undiscovered – perhaps it was never created. For the needs of this publication, several important factual data have been collected, allowing us to shine some light on Höckh’s life and historical context – his times, fortunes and work. This information still seems to be insufficient, especially with regard to how much the violinist contributed to the development of German and international violin playing. Douglas A. Lee puts the composer in line with Johann Georg Pisendel, Franz Benda and Leopold Mozart, thus recognising Höckh as one of the founders of the violin school in the German-speaking area.

This is, of course, the opinion of a competent contemporary researcher, but it is worth referring to several historical facts and sources that stand behind it.

Mikołaj Zgółka, violin
Jarosław Thiel, violoncello
Aleksandra Rupocińska, cembalo

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