Effet miroir Zaz

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Label: Play On

Genre: Pop

Subgenre: Pop Rock

Artist: Zaz

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  • 1Demain c'est toi02:38
  • 2Qué vendrá02:57
  • 3On s'en remet jamais03:19
  • 4J'aime j'aime03:26
  • 5Mes souvenirs de toi03:29
  • 6Toute ma vie02:25
  • 7Je parle03:30
  • 8Résigne-moi05:17
  • 9Ma valse03:35
  • 10Si c'était à refaire03:55
  • 11Pourquoi tu joues faux02:27
  • 12Plume03:54
  • 13Nos vies03:39
  • 14Saint-Valentin03:17
  • 15Laponie04:57
  • Total Runtime52:45

Info for Effet miroir

The #1 French singer in the world, ZAZ, announced a new studio album, Effet Miroir, comprised entirely of original songs. Combining elements of chanson, South American guitars, pop, salsa and rock, Effet Miroir is an album of hope that is testament to the beliefs of ZAZ.

Meanwhile, Zaz has also released the album’s first single, “Qué vendra” which is sung in both French and Spanish, and is about taking life as it comes and having no regrets. In ZAZ’s words: “To me this song is like a walk on the paths of life. The title echoes those last eight years I’ve spent on the road performing around the world, reminding me of all those encounters and learnings that ensued.”

On "Effet Miroir" – recorded between Paris, Brussels and Montreal - ZAZ hopes listeners can find and recognize themselves: "To accept all our facets with their paradoxes is for me, a way to unite the polarities of our being” ZAZ says. The album serves as an illustration of several faces and genres, just like the diversity of humanity that she had the opportunity to observe and appreciate for several years on the road, in concert or elsewhere”.

Zaz, vocals

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