Of Grief and the Divine Ensemble Cosmos

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Label: Paraty

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Ensemble Cosmos

Composer: John Blow (1649-1708), Matthew Locke (1622-1677)

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  • John Blow (1649 - 1708): O Lord, I have sinned:
  • 1Blow: O Lord, I have sinned06:13
  • Matthew Locke (1621 - 1677): Lord, let me know mine end:
  • 2Locke: Lord, let me know mine end07:09
  • John Blow: How doth the city sit solitary (After Matthew Locke):
  • 3Blow: How doth the city sit solitary (After Matthew Locke)06:04
  • Matthew Locke: Who shall separate us:
  • 4Locke: Who shall separate us02:33
  • How doth the city sit solitary:
  • 5Locke: How doth the city sit solitary07:16
  • Pavan in C Minor:
  • 6Locke: Pavan in C Minor01:47
  • Turn thy face from my sins, O Lord:
  • 7Locke: Turn thy face from my sins, O Lord03:41
  • John Blow: Jesus, seeing the multitudes:
  • 8Blow: Jesus, seeing the multitudes05:32
  • Matthew Locke: Almain:
  • 9Locke: Almain03:20
  • John Blow: Let the righteous be glad and rejoice:
  • 10Blow: Let the righteous be glad and rejoice09:53
  • Total Runtime53:28

Info for Of Grief and the Divine

Through this program, Cosmos wishes to work on music relatively unknown to the public and to rediscover them through their own sound.

This programme focuses on the verse anthems of two leading musicians from the Restoration period’s church music revival. They stand as representatives of two generations who were deeply marked by the troubled socio-political context of early Stuart England, and both found their creativity temporarily restricted and sacrificed on the altar of Puritanism. Matthew Locke (ca. 1621-1677) received his first musical training as a chorister at the cathedral of his native Exeter.

Ensemble Cosmos

Ensemble Cosmos
Born in 2015, in the confines of the Royaumont Abbey and awarded winner of the Foundation of the same name, the Cosmos Ensemble is a group of variable geometry, with a basso-continuo at its heart. Its members were noticed by Lionel Meunier, musical director of Vox Luminis, during professional trainings organized at Royaumont under the aegis of Edouard Fouré Caul-Futy.

The ensemble is in constant quest for repertoire going hand in hand with a reflection around vocality. How to develop the soloist word inside polyphony? In this perspective, Cosmos Ensemble has chosen the vocal polyphonic repertoire of the XVIIth and the XVIIIth centuries as a field of application. The questioning is pursued by experimenting with the form of the concert itself, taking advantage of the stage space, to put the public at the heart of the sound sphere.

Cosmos Ensemble has performed at the Royaumont Abbey Festival, at the auditorium of the Musée d’Orsay, at the Radio-France Occitanie Montpellier Festival, at the Bernardines College, at the Church of SaintPierre of Montmartre, at the Cité de la Voix and at the Romainmôtier Festival.

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