You & Us (Deluxe) POOLS

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Label: Something Beautiful

Genre: Folk

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Artist: POOLS

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FLAC 48 $ 13.20
  • 1Grave03:05
  • 2Walk04:25
  • 3Looking for Trouble03:36
  • 4Roads03:37
  • 5By the Old Noon03:46
  • 6How the River Flows04:24
  • 7You & Us03:54
  • 8This Dance04:50
  • 9Molotov03:20
  • 10How Long03:42
  • 11Grave (Live Session)03:18
  • 12Walk (Live Session)04:03
  • 13Roads (Live Session)03:52
  • Total Runtime49:52

Info for You & Us (Deluxe)

Hot on the scene, Swedish duo POOLS have made quite the first impression with their latest singles ‘Walk’ and ‘Looking For Trouble’. Now, they are set to release their debut album ‘You & Us’.

The two-piece outfit is the collective vision of multi-instrumentalist Fredrik Forell and lead vocalist Arvid Hällagård. Reminiscent of bands such as The National and The Tallest Man On Earth, POOLS combine americana, folk and gospel to create something quite remarkable evidenced in the profound might of their debut album.

‘You & Us’ sees POOLS baring all in a strikingly raw and unadulterated rumination of loss and sorrow. Going through a divorce as the album was taking shape, Arvid’s heartache beautifully translates into something we can all witness and understand. From start to finish, the record follows the painful journey of putting a relationship to rest, recognising its shortcomings and beginning to move on.

The record sees the union of POOLS’ eclectic musical background in electronica and stoner rock, where soulful vocals intertwine chasmic bass and folk guitar complements the haunting chimes of synthetic noise. Striking a perfect balance between light and heavy, the duo has crafted an amalgamation of charming melodies that will play hopscotch in the back of your mind.

"These are some thoughts about how she and I felt during the relationship, how you have to handle yourself, and at the same time an ‘Us’ …“ “Mostly it’s about how hard a relationship can be, having a first kid. You expect it to be in a certain way, and the disappointment when those expectations turn out to be unreal.” (Arvid)


In between the sonic landscapes of large melancholias pop, old americana, folk and even gospel, Swedish duo POOLS found their sound. Combining these elements with electronic noises and equally striking as compelling vocals they certainly found something of their own. These lullaby like songs will draw you in and follow you through the day in an almost ghostly way.

This album contains no booklet.

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