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Label: Delphian Records

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Héloïse Werner

Composer: Héloïse Werner, Josephine Stephenson, Elaine Mitchener, Georges Aperghis (1945), Nico Muhly (1981), Oliver Leith (1990)

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FLAC 96 $ 12.30
  • Héloïse Werner (b. 1991): Like Words:
  • 1Werner: Like Words03:26
  • Josephine Stephenson (b. 1990): Comme l'espoir:
  • 2Stephenson: Comme l'espoir05:20
  • Héloïse Werner & Zoë Martlew (b. 1968): Syncopate:
  • 3Martlew, Werner: Syncopate01:18
  • Cheryl Frances-Hoad (b. 1980): Something More Than Mortal:
  • 4Frances-Hoad: Something More Than Mortal02:50
  • Nico Muhly (b. 1981): Benedicite Recitation:
  • 5Muhly: Benedicite Recitation06:29
  • Georges Aperghis (b. 1945): Récitations:
  • 6Aperghis: Récitations: Récitation 303:21
  • 7Aperghis: Récitations: Récitation 803:18
  • Héloïse Werner: Unspecified Intentions:
  • 8Werner: Unspecified Intentions02:45
  • Georges Aperghis: Récitations:
  • 9Aperghis: Récitations: Récitation 9 04:34
  • 10Aperghis: Récitations: Récitation 1104:10
  • Héloïse Werner: Confessional:
  • 11Werner: Confessional03:18
  • Oliver Leith (b. 1990): yhyhyhyhyh:
  • 12Leith: yhyhyhyhyh06:09
  • Elaine Mitchener (b. 1970): whetdreem:
  • 13Mitchener: whetdreem06:58
  • Héloïse Werner: Mixed Phrases:
  • 14Werner: Mixed Phrases09:40
  • Total Runtime01:03:36

Info for Phrases

Luminous and daring, this celebration of Héloïse Werner’s multifaceted gifts is nourished by rich dualities. Phrases reveals Werner as both singer and composer, as an artist shaped by both her native France and her adopted UK, and as a soloist of captivating individuality who is also an intrepid collaborator.

The solos and duos that make up the album comprise five of Werner’s own compositions, four of Georges Aperghis’s avant-garde classic Récitations, and six newly commissioned works, by composers ranging from Elaine Mitchener and Nico Muhly to Oliver Leith. The calibre of Héloïse’s instrumental partners in the duos reflects the degree to which this extraordinary young performer is already valued and cherished by her peers.

"The point where language and music collide is an abiding preoccupation for the French-born, London-based Héloïse Werner, whose new solo album, Phrases displays her versatility as a singer and composer, but as musical catalyst too. The 12 tracks, mostly premiere recordings, include works by Elaine Mitchener (the sensuously surreal Whetdreem); Nico Muhly’s prayer-like Benedicite Recitation, with beautiful solo flute; Oliver Leith’s Yhyhyhyhyh, an exploration between voice and detuned cello; Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s tiny scena Something More Than mortal; and Josephine Stephenson’s hypnotic Comme l’espoir/you might all disappear, with guitar ... Werner’s four songs, from vocal acrobatics to verbal confession, and Récitations by the Greek experimental composer Georges Aperghis complete this distinctive album." (The Guardian)

Héloïse Werner, /strong>soprano
Colin Alexander, /strong>cello
Amy Harman, /strong>bassoon
Calum Huggan, /strong>percussion
Lawrence Power, /strong>viola
Daniel Shao, /strong>flute
Laura Snowden, /strong>guitar

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