The Key (Remastered) Joan Armatrading

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Label: A&M

Genre: Songwriter

Subgenre: Folk Rock

Artist: Joan Armatrading

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  • 1(I Love It When You) Call Me Names04:23
  • 2Foolish Pride03:16
  • 3Drop The Pilot03:40
  • 4The Key04:01
  • 5Everybody Gotta Know03:48
  • 6Tell Tale02:31
  • 7What Do Boys Dream?02:54
  • 8The Game Of Love03:34
  • 9The Dealer03:19
  • 10Bad Habits03:43
  • 11I Love My Baby03:29
  • Total Runtime38:38

Info for The Key (Remastered)

The Key is the eighth studio album by the British singer-songwriter Joan Armatrading, released on 28 February 1983 by A&M Records. The album was recorded at Townhouse Studios in Shepherd's Bush, London; Polar Studios in Stockholm and also in New York.

"Many of the same musicians from Walk Under Ladders return for The Key, but gone are that album's warm island airs. Instead, producer Steve Lillywhite wraps -- some might say smothers -- Armatrading's voice in sophisticated synthesizers (courtesy of Larry Fast) and punchy rock arrangements that are enervating but less inviting than her earlier work. That more aggressive sound didn't come at the cost of commercial success, however, and both "(I Love It When You) Call Me Names" and "Drop the Pilot" (the latter produced by Val Garay) helped push The Key into the U.S. Top 40. Armatrading has always been an excellent communicator, and when given the spotlight -- as on the otherworldly "I Love My Baby" or the sinister "The Dealer" -- she is one of rock's more compelling female artists. Yet the decision to bring Tony Levin's bass up in the mix and find time for Adrian Belew's frenetic solos sells Armatrading's estimable talents short on some tracks. Thankfully, her humor and humanity rise above the arrangements at welcome intervals, notably with "Everybody Gotta Know," "What Do Boys Dream," and "Foolish Pride." Fans of her acoustic music may find The Key a little too aggressive for their tastes, but anyone open to modern rock should enjoy this album." (Dave Connolly, AMG)

Joan Armatrading, vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, piano
Adrian Belew, electric guitar
Daryl Stuermer, electric guitar
Gary Sanford, electric guitar
Tony Levin, bass
Larry Fast, synthesisers
Jerry Marotta, drums
Stewart Copeland, drums
Julian Diggle, percussion
Mel Collins, saxophone
Annie Whitehead, trombone
Guy Barker, trumpet
Dean Klevatt, piano
Jeremy Meek, bass vocal

Produced by Steve Lillywhite, Val Garay

Digitally remastered

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