Marginalia II Masakatsu Takagi

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Label: Milan Records

Genre: Instrumental

Subgenre: Piano

Artist: Masakatsu Takagi

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  • 1Marginalia #704:01
  • 2Marginalia #1706:17
  • 3Marginalia #2402:59
  • 4Marginalia #2709:33
  • 5Marginalia #3506:42
  • 6Marginalia #1204:20
  • 7Marginalia #4402:27
  • 8Marginalia #0403:05
  • 9Marginalia #3107:03
  • 10Marginalia #1310:00
  • 11Marginalia #4302:45
  • 12Marginalia #3906:17
  • 13Marginalia #4505:19
  • 14Marginalia #4607:36
  • Total Runtime01:18:24

Info for Marginalia II

These daily piano recordings were made in my private studio surrounded by the mountains in Hyogo, Japan. I opened all the windows to welcome the sounds of nature and played the piano without any sort of preparation : no overdubbing, no writing, no editing, no fixing…just as it is. What you are listening now are raw, improvised piano recording where the sounds of nature and the musical notes are recorded at the same time, in harmony without any discrimination. I love to think that nature might also listen to my piano.

The nature is the melody. The piano is the harmony.

Masakatsu Takagi, piano

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