Grand Chant à la Vierge (Theotoke Parthene) Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas

Cover Grand Chant à la Vierge (Theotoke Parthene)

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Label: Psalmus

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Chant

Artist: Frédéric Tavernier-Vellas

Composer: Petros Bérékétis

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FLAC 96 $ 12.00
  • 1Mère de Dieu Vierge05:13
  • 2Salut pleine de grâce04:34
  • 3Marie, le Seigneur est avec toi03:51
  • 4Tu es bénie entre les femmes05:02
  • 5Et béni04:46
  • 6Le fruit de ton sein05:48
  • 7Parce que tu as enfanté le Sauveur05:30
  • 8De nos âmes - I07:38
  • 9De nos âmes - II01:12
  • 10Mère de Dieu Vierge, salut pleine de grâce, Marie le Seigneur est avec toi, Tu es bénie entre...02:40
  • Total Runtime46:14

Info for Grand Chant à la Vierge (Theotoke Parthene)

The Theotoke Parthene is one of the finest works from the Byzantine period located after the fall of Constantinople in 1453, a period called 'the great masters.' It is a deeply moving composition which sets to music the salutation of the Angel Gabriel to Mary at the Annunciation.

Petros BEREKETIS (1680-1715) is considered one of the major composers of Byzantine music of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Its Great Song to the Virgin (Theotoke Parthene) is his most famous work. Dialed from the text of the Hail Mary the Virgin, he suggests huge vocals that express an exultation beyond all languages.

BEREKETIS style favors the beauty of song and looking for a certain virtuosity, like the Bel Canto Baroque born at the same time in Western Europe. Her singing, however, is neither outside nor superficial but manages instead to express the inexpressible of the soul. Each verse unfolds in a particular embodiment of the eight Byzantine music, before the work is not concluded with the singing of Theotoke Parthene, which contains the entire text before singing verse by verse, and which is the version traditionally the most commonly used in Constantinople.

Les Solistes de la Musique Byzantine
Jean Christophe Candau
Antoine Sicot
Malcolm Bothwel

Frederic Tavernier Vellas was born in France. After solid classical musical studies in oboe, he orients his musical research towards song, especially the sacred chant of Byzantium. He was trained by leading masters and performers of this musical form such as Father Joakim Grillis at Patmos, Maximos Fahme of Aleppo, and especially Lycourgos Angelopoulos. It is under his direction that he received his diploma in Byzantine music at Philippos Nakas Conservatory in Athens. He also collaborated with Lycourgos Angelopoulos in the book, Voices of Byzantium, published by Desclée de Brouwer.

He is artistic director of the association Egeo-Apmh, association for the Promotion of Hellenic music.

Member of the Marcel Peres’ Ensemble Organum, over the last ten years he regularly participates in productions and tours.

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