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Label: in-akustik HD

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Modern Rock

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  • 1Too Far Behind03:36
  • 2On My Feet03:46
  • 3Hey It's Me02:50
  • 4One Day03:57
  • 5Flatline03:26
  • 6Met Her For02:52
  • 7Hold On02:44
  • 8Scam04:42
  • 9You'll Be with Me04:18
  • 10Some They Do03:29
  • 11You're Not Alone03:18
  • Total Runtime38:58

Info for We're Not in Kansas Anymore

"Bobby Kimball is an iconic pop/rock vocalist best known as the original lead singer of the band Toto. It was Kimball's soaring tenor lead vocals on those legendary hits including Rosanna, Hold the line, Africa, and I'll Supply the Love that made him so recognizable. He won six Grammy awards from the album Toto IV. His tenure with the band spanned from 1977-1984, and he rejoined the band 1998-2008. Throughout those years with Toto, Bobby was highly sought after for background vocal sessions on hit records, often alongside Bill Chaplin and Michael McDonald. On the song from the band The Tubes She's A Beauty acclaimed producer David Foster had Bobby sing those familiar high vocals parts... One in a million girls, why would I lie... Through the 80's Bobby recorded leads and blended background vocals with many notable singers and bands during that era. In 1994 Kimball released his first solo album Rise Up working with guitarist/songwriter Bruce Gowdy, and keyboardist/songwriter Guy Allison. Kimball finally gave his fans a taste of his solo artistry. The opening track, Annalies, co-written with Gowdy and Allison, is a perfect example of a great pop hook with a stellar vocal performance by Kimball. In 1996 Bobby Kimball and John Zaika teamed up to record the album All I Ever Needed. Zaika had been working as a 2nd engineer with producer Jeff Lorber, and during his off time he wrote a constant flow of pop tunes, and, finally, when the opportunity presented itself, Zaika played them for Kimball and two songs Zaika co-wrote with David Barnett, Kristine and Til Tomorrow, would be the tracks that would be the deciding factor to record and release the All I Ever Needed album. The songs were the perfect blend of great melodies, outstanding musicians, with exceptional vocal performances by Kimball, Mickey Thomas (lead singer/Jefferson Starship), Larry Batiste (Mariah Carey/Whitney Houston), Tony Lindsay (lead singer/Santana), and Jeannie Tracy (Aretha Franklin). In 2016, for We're Not in Kansas Anymore Kimball and Zaika team up again, this time with some of the players from All I Ever Needed, plus a new breed of multi-talented musicians and vocalists, including David Barnett who co-wrote all the songs, and co-produced on the project. The album also features drummer Joel Taylor, keyboardist Mitchel Forman, Bassist Brian Bromberg (who shares co-production credit), keyboardist Derek Sherinian, vocalist Tony Wilcox, guitarist Adam Schwem, guitarist & vocalist Arnie Vilches, vocalist Jonny Zywiciel, bassists Dwayne Heggar, David Deshazo, Nate Robinson, background vocalists Claire Wilcox, Dexter Espinoza, Addison Kelly, Micah Blalock, pianist Steve Fawcett, horn section, Jim Foster, David Butler, Willie Roy, Thomas Ebby, Carl Lundgren, Cellist Sarah O'Brien, and acoustic guitarist Tom McCauley (who mixed the record). Kimball/Zaika/Barnett formed the production company, Future Memories Music, to launch the release. We're Not in Kansas Anymore was written by Zaika, Barnett, Kimball, and produced by Zaika, Barnett, and Bromberg. Bobby Kimball still remains unmistakable -- melodious rock, polyphonic arrangements, a great sound. His creative spirit and distinctive voice are inimitable.

Bobby Kimball, vocals
Dave Barnett, guitar, backing vocals
Adam Schwem, lead guitar
John Zaika, keyboards
Brian Bromberg, bass
Joel Taylor, drums

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