Jesus Christ Superstar (50th Anniversary - Deluxe Remastered 2021) Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Label: UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

Genre: Soundtrack

Subgenre: Musicals

Artist: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Composer: Andrew Lloyd Webber (1948)

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  • 1Overture (Remastered 2021)03:59
  • 2Heaven On Their Minds (Remastered 2021)04:23
  • 3What's The Buzz / Strange Thing Mystifying (Remastered 2021)04:13
  • 4Everything's Alright (Remastered 2021)05:15
  • 5This Jesus Must Die (Remastered 2021)03:35
  • 6Hosanna (Remastered 2021)02:07
  • 7Simon Zealotes / Poor Jerusalem (Remastered 2021)04:49
  • 8Pilate's Dream (Remastered 2021)01:28
  • 9The Temple (Remastered 2021)04:43
  • 10Everything's Alright (Reprise / Remastered 2021)00:34
  • 11I Don't Know How To Love Him (Remastered 2021)03:41
  • 12Damned For All Time / Blood Money (Remastered 2021)05:11
  • 13The Last Supper (Remastered 2021)07:10
  • 14Gethsemane (I Only Want To Say) (Remastered 2021)05:33
  • 15The Arrest (Remastered 2021)03:24
  • 16Peter's Denial (Remastered 2021)01:27
  • 17Pilate And Christ (Remastered 2021)02:46
  • 18King Herod's Song (Try It And See) (Remastered 2021)03:02
  • 19Judas's Death (Remastered 2021)04:17
  • 20Trial Before Pilate (Remastered 2021)05:13
  • 21Superstar (Remastered 2021)04:16
  • 22The Crucifixion (Remastered 2021)04:04
  • 23John Nineteen Forty-One (Remastered 2021)02:07
  • 24Ascending Chords00:22
  • 25Damned For All Time / Blood Money (Guide Vocal)01:10
  • 26King Herod's Song (Try It And See) (Guide Vocal)03:02
  • 27I Don't Know How To Love Him (Tim Rice And Murray Head Vocals)03:43
  • 28I Don't Know How To Love Him (Murray Head Vocals)03:46
  • 29This Jesus Must Die (Scat Vocals 1)01:10
  • 30What A Party01:51
  • 31This Jesus Must Die (Scat Vocals 2)01:07
  • 32Heaven On Their Minds (Instrumental)02:50
  • 33I Don't Know How To Love Him03:36
  • 34(Too Much) Heaven On Their Minds (German Single)04:33
  • 35Strange Thing (Mystifying)01:50
  • 36John Nineteen Forty-One (Remastered 2021)02:31
  • Total Runtime01:58:48

Info for Jesus Christ Superstar (50th Anniversary - Deluxe Remastered 2021)

To mark the 50th anniversary of the 1970 concept double album, Jesus Christ Superstar, a special anniversary edition album will be released on September 17th. This landmark release features an array of exclusive demos, commentaries, interviews and much more!

In 1970, Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber released Jesus Christ Superstar as a concept double album. It became a massive global best-seller, topping the US Billboard Top LPs chart in both February and May 1971, as well as ranking at number one in the year-end chart. By 1983, the album had sold over 7 million copies worldwide.

Andrew said: “A musical about Jesus Christ! Back in 1969 the mere thought had theatre producers falling about with laughter. But somehow Tim Rice and I persuaded MCA to record a single. It came at a time when fusion was all the rage. The Rolling Stones had recorded with the London Bach Choir. Deep Purple’s Jon Lord composed a symphony for rock band and orchestra. So I was like a kid in a sweet shop when I was able to combine a rock band, a symphony orchestra and a gospel choir in what was the first track to be recorded, simply titled Superstar.

Overriding everything was that we were telling our story in sound – and sound alone. We had none of the visual elements of theatres and film to fall back. A cast-iron musical and dramatic structure was the key. Dialogue had no place on a record, so music and lyrics had to carry everything. In truth, we were writing a musical radio play. Ultimately, this gave us one enormous advantage. Audiences came to know our recordings so well that no future director or producer could add musical passages for scene changes or tamper with the construction. The score had become set in stone.”

Tim Rice stated, "I have nothing but fond memories of the writing and recording of Jesus Christ Superstar. We were incredibly lucky; we had a record company and a management team who were willing to take huge risks. Not just in terms of belief in our idea but also in terms of providing a budget to fulfil our musical vision which brought together a rock band, a full orchestra and not just one but two separate choirs." He added, "I'm incredibly proud and grateful to have been part of it all, perhaps more now at 76 than I was at 25."

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee and three-time Grammy Award-winner Nile Rodgers has commented on the impact of the musical through his career, stating "Jesus Christ Superstar permeated every part of our lives then. It was a cultural explosion, like an earthquake or asteroid crashing...with Tim, he made a genius work in Jesus Christ Superstar, which was as revolutionary to hippies as Miles Davis' Bitches Brew was to jazz."

The special anniversary editions are a celebration of the original 1970 concept double album and its continued success spanning 50 years. With the new editions all having been re-mastered at Abbey Road, fans have a great selection to choose from.

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Digitally remastered

Andrew Lloyd Webber
is the composer of some of the world’s best-known musicals.

When Sunset Boulevard joined School Of Rock, Cats and The Phantom Of The Opera on Broadway in 2017, Andrew became the only person to equal the record set in 1953 by Rodgers and Hammerstein with four Broadway shows running concurrently. Other musicals he has composed include Aspects Of Love, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita and Love Never Dies.

As well as being knighted by Her Majesty the Queen in 1992 for services to the theatre throughout the world and being appointed Honorary Life Peer in 1997, Andrew's awards as a composer and producer include 7 Tonys, 7 Oliviers, 14 Ivor Novellos and an Oscar.

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