Unfading Simin Tander

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Label: Jazzhaus Records

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: Simin Tander

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FLAC 96 $ 12.00
  • 1Hovering Winds01:27
  • 2Nargees02:30
  • 3Walk Each Other Home06:44
  • 4Feather / I Am Vertical04:19
  • 5Sta Lorey04:45
  • 6Walli De Haal Ne Wayee03:44
  • 7Unfading04:59
  • 8Yar Kho Laro04:28
  • 9Deserted01:58
  • 10Nana02:47
  • 11The Sea Is Near03:24
  • 12Breath01:05
  • 13Nargees Afterglow03:04
  • 14And the Water Stretches Far Away04:40
  • 15The Times They Are A-Changin´04:55
  • Total Runtime54:49

Info for Unfading

Following her superb album "Where Water Travels Home" (2014) and the internationally acclaimed, extraordinary collaboration with Norwegian star pianist Tord Gustavsen for the ECM label ("What Was Said", 2016), German-Afghan singer Simin Tander opens a new door on her artistic journey, and beyond it she discovers unusual soundscapes: with her expressive voice and a freshly formed quartet, she sets out on an adventure of multifaceted connections with her new album "Unfading". In it she interweaves the flow of actual songs and the power of timelessly beautiful melodies full of emotion with echoes of the archaic past and passages of improvised freedom.

Simin Tander, vocals
Jasser Haj Youssef, viola d´amore
Björn Meyer, bass, effects
Samuel Rohrer, drums

Simin Tender
“It is a journey – to myself, through the world of my emotions and thoughts and to my Afghan roots”, explains Simin Tander. Where Water Travels Home does not show us a conventional road movie: imaginative and labyrinthine, and therefore all the more compelling for the listener, are the sound routes which this water takes, and rather than the compass of the mind it follows the path of the heart.

“Where water travels home” – this is no abstract image. For the daughter of an Afghan journalist/poet and a German teacher, it rather means the actually experienced search for her identity. As a mature singer, she is now posing the question of the where from and where to in her second CD, which turns out to be a masterpiece of song-writing with an improvisational touch. Simin Tander and her marvellous quartet build dramatic tension over the course of 13 stations, traversing past and present in a free-flowing dramaturgy.

In the past few years Simin has become one of the rising stars of the Dutch and German jazz scene. Her performances at the North Sea Jazz Festival, the BIMHUIS, the prestigious Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Berlin Jazzmeeting, Women In Jazz Fesitval /Halle, JAZZAHEAD /Bremen and her concerts with Dutch Jazz star Eric Vloeimans have received rave reviews.

Beside the Netherlands and Germany Simin is developing an internationally recognized reputation with performances at the Bohemia Jazz Fest (Czech Republic), Catania Jazz Festival (Italy), Madrid Jazz Festival (Spain), OCT LOFT Festival (China), Hong Kong Jazz Festival, the Jarasum Jazzfestival (South Korea) and many more.

Her name is Persian and a beautiful promise for her future: “silvery shining”.

This album contains no booklet.

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