Marenzio: L'amoroso e crudo stile RossoPorpora & Walter Testolin

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Label: Arcana

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Vocal

Artist: RossoPorpora & Walter Testolin

Composer: Luca Marenzio (1553-1599)

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  • Luca Marenzio (1553-1599):
  • 1Come inanti de l’alba05:19
  • 2Qual vive Salamandra03:02
  • 3Dolorosi martir04:51
  • 4Questa di verd’erbette02:22
  • 5Occhi lucenti e belli03:14
  • 6Scendi dal paradiso Venere03:47
  • 7Due rose fresche03:29
  • 8Non vidi mai dopo notturna pioggia03:43
  • 9Zefiro torna e 'l bel tempo rimena06:12
  • 10Crudel, perché mi fuggi03:08
  • 11Fuggito è 'l sonno04:19
  • 12O fere stelle03:07
  • 13Senza il mio sole06:29
  • 14Liquide perle03:17
  • 15O verdi selve03:43
  • 16Cruda Amarilli06:38
  • 17Solo e pensoso07:33
  • 18Crudele, acerba, inexorabil morte04:07
  • Total Runtime01:18:20

Info for Marenzio: L'amoroso e crudo stile

Luca Marenzio was the most brilliant representative of the sublime art of the madrigal during the last twenty years of the sixteenth century. Whereas the style of his early works is light, fluid and transparent, in his maturity Marenzio’s language turned towards a more complex, introspective attitude that made him the most emblematic musical exponent of Late Renaissance melancholy. L’amoroso & crudo stile brings together some of Marenzio’s finest madrigals, aiming to reproduce the most intimate expressive facets of a music of extraordinary beauty and profound humanity. With the emotional intensity and deep respect for the poetic text that distinguishes the ensemble, RossoPorpora begins in this debut recording its personal exploration and celebration of the madrigal, the earliest and still unsurpassed representation of Italian musical identity.

RossoPorpora Ensemble
Walter Testolin, direction

RossoPorpora Ensemble
is made up of young musicians who want to learn and retrieve the Italian and European Renaissance and Baroque repertoire through a philological study of historical documents and historically informed performance practice.

Since 2011 the group has the direction of Walter Testolin.

With a variable staff, the ensemble can deal with the sacred and secular repertoire to the real parts and the larger choral and instrumental repertoire. The group’s intention in also to recover the structure of music chapel of the Renaissance.

The ensemble has performed several programs: the oratorio “Membra Jesu Nostri” by D. Buxtehude, the ”Lecons de Tenebres pour le mercredi saint” by F. Couperin, many program with madrigals by composers such as Frescobaldi, Schutz, Marenzio, De Wert, Monteverdi and Gesualdo, a program focused on the European baroque choral repertoire with the ”Stabat Mater” by D. Scarlatti, the double choir motet ”Komm, Jesu, Komm” by J. S. Bach and Anthems by H. Purcell.

The ensemble has participated in several Italian festivals: Universi Diversi 2011 (Padova), Pavia Barocca 2012 (a project reserved for youth ensemble), Invaghite note 2012 (Turin), Cori a Palazzo 2012 (Mantua), Spazio & Musica 2012 (Vicenza).

The madrigal ensemble began in 2012, with the festival Spazio & Musica of Vicenza, a three-year project to study the development and dissemination of the madrigal in Italy between Renaissance and early Baroque.

This album contains no booklet.

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