Initiative H X Moondog (Sax Pax for a Sax Remix) Initiative H

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Label: Neuklang

Genre: Jazz

Subgenre: Fusion

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  • 1Dog Trot (Live)02:58
  • 2Paris (Live)09:56
  • 3Bird's Lament (Live)08:26
  • 4Sandalwood (Live)07:47
  • 5Tout Suite (Live)08:32
  • 6New Amsterdam (Live)08:44
  • 7Sea Horse (Live)01:55
  • 8Single Foot (Live)07:07
  • 9Golden Fleece (Live)05:31
  • Total Runtime01:00:56

Info for Initiative H X Moondog (Sax Pax for a Sax Remix)

"Recorded live in the South of France as part of the ""Moondog Season"", the new album from the 13-member Neo-Bigband, Initiative H, highlights the work ""Sax Pax for a Sax"" by composer Moondog, originally recorded by the London Saxophonic in 1994.

The arranger and bandleader, David Haudrechy, pays tribute to ""Viking of Sixth Avenue"" with this quivering homage to the magistral work and thus presents an avant-garde project which has long been expected by jazz lovers. We discover the unique and clear encounter between a visionary composer and an adventurous orchestra. The large ensemble, Initiative H, revives Moondog's unique music and breathes new life into it: remixed, intensified, and modified; even if this meant knocking around the original compositions.

This daring explorer, Moondog, paved the way for the admiration of the greatest jazz legends such as Charlie Parker. His experimental work, consisting of modernity and nostalgia, shaped generations of musicians to which David Haudrechy belongs. In this remix and under direction of the legendary Prophet, Initiative H dedicates itself to the task of revealing the modernity of the work, but not by copying it; instead, by performing it in the style of ""Haudrechy"".

Founded in 2012 by David Haudrechy, Initiative H took the ambitious challenge to create a dense, modern and passionate music transcending the genres jazz, rock, electro and 20th century music. The powerful sound of this 21st century orchestra is fed by the energy of a big collective project where each musician has ist certain place. The interpretation is masterly, the engagement absolute and the listener will be completely absorbed by the telling power of this music. A musical adventure, human, urban, which makes Initiative H an unavoidable entity of the renovation of the French jazz scene.

Considering his passion for surfing, snowboarding and skating, the genre crossover in saxophonist David Haudrechy 700;s music is more than understandable. The thrill, the shiver, the risk, all sensations are also part of the iconic picture of ?Dark Wave?, under the direction and composition of David Haudrechy. He developed his own, liberate, musical language as much inspired by Berlioz and Moussorgski as by Gill Evans, Carla Bley, but also King Crimson and Arvo Pa 776;rt. Unexpected and paradox like in a slalom is the musical process between the different projects surrounding the band."

David Haudrechy, soprano saxophone, direction
Ferdinand Doumerc, alto saxophone, flute
Gaël Pautric, baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
Nicolas Gardel, trumpet
Cyril Latour, trumpet
Olivier Sabatier, trombone
Lionel Segui, bass trombone
Amaury Faye, synthetizer, Fender Rhodes
Florent Hortal, guitar
Philippe Burneau, electric bass
Simon Portefaix, drums
Florent "Pepino" Tisseyre, percussions

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