Carsten Lindholm

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Carsten Lindholm
is a 44 year old Danish drummer and a former student of Ed Thigpen, Brian Blades former teacher Jeff Boudreaux, Professor Bent Lylloff, Aage Tangaard a.o, who has played live in different jazz and rock constallations in Denmark and studied at a Danish private conservatory called D.A.R.K.

In 96 he met Nils Petter Molvær and Lars Danielsson at a Jazzcamp, who in a very supportive and encouraging way showed him his path to play nordic jazz. In 98 he lived in New York, where he met Mike Maineri and years before that Peter Erskine, who became mentors and both helped shape his drumming and mucicality by motivation and insights.

To increase the rhytmic timing and better the improvisation, he started the study of the Indian Rhythm system called Konnakol, taught by Jeff Boudreaux and Danish Sitarplayer Henrik Andersen.

The loss of his father in 2006 drove him to start writing music and 2011 he released his "Tribute" with Eivind Aarset, Audun Erlien and Joakim Frøystein a.o on Amazon, Itunes, Gateway Label a.o, which got reviewed/played in 13 countries. His upcoming release Indispiration with trumpeters and bassplayers from Germany, Norway, Denmark combines the study of Konnakol with his Nordic Jazzroots.

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