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Kitgut Quartet
No “oracle” could have foreseen the meeting between these four musicians, with such varied, contrasting backgrounds. And yet, after an initial encounter, in 2015, Amandine Beyer, Naaman Sluchin, Josèphe Cottet and Frédéric Baldassare founded the Kitgut Quartet, with period instruments and gut strings.

All experienced chamber musicians and soloists with major European ensembles, they have pooled their desire to bring to life with their bows the major works of the repertoire, as well as curiosities and forgotten pieces, in a tradition tinged with liberty, enthusiasm and sharing.

Their first project examines the origins of the string quartet and explores the various attempts in Europe, prior to the classical period, to produce purely instrumental, four-part compositions. In four chapters, ranging from Schubert and Germany, Mozart and Italy, Beethoven and France, then Haydn and England, the Kitgut quartet opens up a vision of the birth of the string quartet, with the desire to reveal on stage the mood of their rehearsals: dialogue, amusement and spontaneity!

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