Tyler Ramsey

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Tyler Ramsey
attacks the canvas. Fear and love compete in every piece of Tyler's collection. Each piece is only complete once Tyler catches a moment of that battle. Tyler's unique technique can be described as aggressive, impulsive, and stubborn. The goal is clearly to attack the feeling before it stops moving. Tyler vigorously and generously applies paint with his hands or directly from their containers. He happiest using unlimited amounts of paint and enjoys feeding each canvas all they can devour. So far, Tyler chooses to tell his story without being distracted by using brushes, extraneous thinners, or thinners.

Tyler Ramsey has never owned a paintbrush. Using his fingers to move through the process of painting, Ramsey has created his own approach to the art form, using seemingly contradicting concepts. Bold colors depict somber themes. Impulsive shapes reveal thoughtful concept. Unencumbered strokes compelled to stay within the canvas' borders. It is through this controlled chaos that Ramsey shares his life stories.

The expressive nature of Ramsey's work is deeply rooted in the emotional journey of his own personal development. Painting first provided an escape but developed into a passion. Painting is not simply an outlet for his emotions. It is a constant challenge to make a passionate statement about innovation, limitless potential, and inspiration. Surviving the tragedies and reckless behavior of Ramsey's past paved way for the opportunity to openly and honestly express more through his art.

Ramsey's contribution to painting is a fresh perspective on the art form while acknowledging its rich history. Using his hands to mold thick layers of oils he brings to life powerful creations on canvas. The paintings continue to develop on their own as they move through the aging process, drying to become fine pieces of work ready to be consumed. He aspires to breakdown the barriers that hinder people from enjoying abstract artwork. Any way that people can enjoy and appreciate the paintings is a step toward contributing to the livelihood of the art. Ramsey hopes to inspire others to value the creative process and find their own unique ways to embrace their passions.

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