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Just Music
were a West German avant-garde music ensemble, an interchangeable collective of classically trained instrumentalists founded at the centrum freier cunst, Frankfurt/Main in 1967 by multi-instrumentalist Alfred Harth. An inherent anti-commercial bias kept them at arm's length from the mainstream music business, enabling them to experiment at will. "Ein Modell fuer annaehernd herrschaftsfreie Kommunikation und Interaktion" (Flyer, March 1969). Just Music changed their name several times depending on the context.

Peter Stock
founding member of Alfred Harth’s legendary formation Just Music, has played with a long list of musicians including a number of famous names such as Lester Bowie, Albert Mangelsdorf, Roscoe Mitchel, Paul Rutherford or Manfred Schoof.

His new trio with drummer Kuno Wagner and saxophonist Ingo Weiß delivers improvised electro-acoustic music rooted in the tradition of European Free Jazz. Communication, improvisation, sound, chance and interaction are terms which define the trio's work. They create musical structures which invite the listener to challenge the established rules and to question their listening habits whereby allowing doors to be opened to a new musical perception.

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