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Label: Mercury Classics

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Classical Crossover

Interpret: Erland Cooper & Scottish Ensemble

Komponist: Erland Cooper

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  • 1Movement 1 - Pt. 105:39
  • 2Movement 1 - Pt. 201:03
  • 3Movement 205:03
  • 4Movement 3 - Pt. 100:19
  • 5Movement 3 - Pt. 203:33
  • 6Movement 407:09
  • 7Movement 5 - Pt. 101:28
  • 8Movement 5 - Pt. 203:58
  • 9Movement 5 - Pt. 301:27
  • 10Movement 603:57
  • 11Movement 7 - Pt. 104:23
  • 12Movement 7 - Pt. 204:38
  • 13Movement 1 - Pt. 1 - Instrumental04:59
  • 14Movement 1 - Pt. 2 - Instrumental01:02
  • 15Movement 2 - Instrumental05:03
  • 16Movement 3 - Pt. 1 - Instrumental00:19
  • 17Movement 3 - Pt. 2 - Instrumental02:59
  • 18Movement 4 - Instrumental07:41
  • 19Movement 5 - Pt. 1 - Instrumental01:28
  • 20Movement 5 - Pt. 2 - Instrumental04:12
  • 21Movement 5 - Pt. 3 - Instrumental01:12
  • 22Movement 6 - Instrumental03:54
  • 23Movement 7 - Instrumental03:08
  • Total Runtime01:18:34

Info zu Folded Landscapes

Groundbreaking Scottish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Erland Cooper shares his ambitious fourth studio album Folded Landscapes. Known for merging modern classical-electronic music with evocative storytelling and conceptual art, Erland shares his urgent observation on climate change, temperature and time. This poignant chamber string work figuratively and literally thaws over seven movements, unfolding with electronics, poetry, soprano, piano, harpsichord, field recordings and samples. The work features Scottish Ensemble, UK Poet Laureate Simon Armitage and other voices including activist Greta Thunberg, multi-award winning conservationist Dara McNaulty and & visual artist Norman Ackroyd. Field recordings of the natural world include the California wildfires and crashing glaciers.

The creative process mimicked the rising temperature of the piece from glacial to a threatening burn - musicians were recorded in subzero temperatures and the audio master tape was sun-burnt on the hottest day in UK history. The heat, moisture, salt and sunlight worked its way into the fabric of the tape, which has been mixed into the finished work, underscoring the work with an unsettling burn that crackles and pops.

A percentage of the copyright share will go to Brian Eno’s EarthPercent charity as a beautiful way of embedding the planet as a stakeholder in musical creativity and raising money for climate/environmental organisations. The Earth’s share of the song - and its income - will be directed to EarthPercent to redistribute to organisations tackling the climate crisis. Folded Landscapes is released on Mercury KX.

“If geology could speak its dreams and geography could sing in its sleep, then this is what it would sound like” (Simon Armitage)

Experience this incredible collaboration between one of Scotland’s most unique musical voices, and Scotland’s leading string ensemble.

Erland Cooper
Scottish Ensemble

Erland Cooper
is a Scottish composer, producer and multi-instrumentalist originally from Stromness, Orkney. As a solo artist, he has released three acclaimed studio albums, with four additional companion albums and multiple EP's, including a trilogy of work inspired by his childhood home, as well as themes of nature, people, place and time. His work combines field recordings with traditional orchestration and contemporary electronic elements. Through music, words and cinematography he explores landscape, memory and identity. He develops these themes further by partnering with other artists, writers and poets. Cooper also works across mixed media projects including installation art, theatre and film. Cooper was commissioned to create the original music to soundtrack the Superbloom installation at the Tower of London celebrating The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. He’s widely known for burying the only existing copy of the master tape of his first classical album in Scotland, deleting all digital files and leaving only a treasure hunt of clues for fans and his record label alike to search for it. The tape has recently been found.

Scottish Ensemble
is a pioneering collective of musicians who champion music for strings. We explore the power and breadth of musical experience, collaborating with creative minds that blur boundaries between genres and artforms.

Whether through imaginative concert programmes and work with soloists or cross-artform collaborations, we present well known pieces alongside newly commissioned or more rarely performed works with the aim of introducing audiences to inspiring music which may challenge, surprise or inspire them, focusing on compelling musical story-telling and visually-striking production.

This ethos of connecting music with contemporary life is extended through our year-round programme of creative learning and community activities, which incorporates collaborations with schools, charities and healthcare organisations to share the well-being benefits of engaging with live music amongst a diverse audience.

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