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Label: Spinefarm

Genre: Rock

Subgenre: Metal

Interpret: My Ticket Home

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FLAC 96 $ 11,90
  • 1Thrush03:24
  • 2Flee The Flesh03:21
  • 3Flypaper02:57
  • 4Time Kills Everything03:21
  • 5Hyperreal03:03
  • 6Redline02:22
  • 7Joi03:22
  • 8Gasoline Kiss02:38
  • 9Cellophane02:43
  • 10Down Life02:50
  • 11We All Use03:01
  • 12Melancholia03:33
  • 13Visual Snow03:24
  • Total Runtime39:59

Info zu unReal

My Ticket Home began as a metal-core band part of the generic Rise Records scene until the release of Strangers Only, in which they shifted towards a nu-metal/grunge sound they are known nowadays. The change of sound made My Ticket Home stand out in the saturated metal-core group. Dubbing this change of sound as “puke-rock”, My Ticket Home was sought as the band that revived nu-metal in the early 2010s. The release of unReal, marks the end of the bands’ four year absence in music. Interviews suggest that the band recorded an album but ultimately scratched it and then began the recording of unReal.

This album is the band’s best work to date as they have truly grew into their sound. The concept of “puke-rock” is showcased being that the sound is rooted in the moodiness of grunge rock but also containing the powerful punch of metal music. Drawing comparisons to bands like Deftones and Glassjaw, My Ticket Home incorporates shoegaze-y guitar chords and growling vocals that form an atmosphere that is quiet but also explosive.

Gone are the raw brutality seen in Strangers Only, My Ticket Home delivers a project that showcases a more tamed and mature sound that is equally powerful. Vocalist and Bassist, Nick Giumenti shifts vocals from harsh screaming to melodic singing and whispering which adds to the echoing effect on the production giving extra layers to the atmosphere.

Strangers Only had an abundance of harsh vocals riding the groovy guitar riffs, which made it standout so much. UnReal’s standouts are in contrast moody and mellow. This effect is achieved by not over-polishing the music and leaving some “air” in the music by allowing the guitar chords to distort and wither in with the music.

UnReal marks the completion of the band’s drastic change in sound. Recognized that this change of sound might drive away their existing fan-base and the potential earnings, My Ticket Home is carving out a lane that is exclusive to themselves in 2017. Who knows? The band might go back into hiatus for the next four years and deliver something totally different. But for now My Ticket Home hones their craft in delivering a genre of music they call “Puke-Rock”.

Nick Giumenti, lead vocals, bass
Derek Blevins, guitars, vocals
Matt Gallucci, guitars
Marshal Giumenti, drums
Additional musicians:
Amy Archambault, spoken word vocals on "Time Kills Everything"

My Ticket Home
is an American alternative metal band formed in 2008 from Columbus, Ohio. They have released two EPs and two full length albums. Musically, their first few releases employed a metalcore / post-hardcore musical style, while their most recent release marked a change in the band's sound. The band members refer to their musical style as "Puke Rock".

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