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Label: Lost Tribe Sound

Genre: Classical

Subgenre: Minimalism

Interpret: Alapastel

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FLAC 48 $ 13,20
  • Lukáš Bulko (b. 1986):
  • 1Bulko: Transmission05:56
  • 2Bulko: New World Healing Centre13:45
  • 3Bulko: In the Service of Life12:24
  • 4Bulko: Mass to Free Us05:38
  • 5Bulko: From Untold Pains12:26
  • 6Bulko: Releaseness08:23
  • 7Bulko: Flight Over Utopia10:41
  • 8Bulko: Goodnight, Valley of the Roses04:17
  • Total Runtime01:13:30

Info zu Ceremony

Alapastel 'Ceremony' is the third release in Lost Tribe Sound’s 2021 album series, Salt and Gravity. The series will include albums from Alder & Ash, Tony Dupé, ’t Geruis, Federico Mosconi, Sanr, Alapastel, and mastroKristo. "Ceremony" is the second album from Slovakian composer Lukáš Bulko, who records under the name Alapastel. Bulko’s 2018 debut album ‘Hidden for the Eyes’ for James Murray’s Slowcraft was met with praise from critics and fans alike. Much like ‘Hidden for the Eyes’, the new album ‘Ceremony’ provides no easy comparisons.

Lost Tribe Sound was introduced to Alapastel by composer William Ryan Fritch in early 2021. Immediately upon listening to the demo it became clear that ‘Ceremony’ was unlike any album we’d heard before. It’s an album built from mammoth sound objects, carved from organic sources, that feel so palpable that one could reach out and touch them. Often spanning ten + minutes, these expansive compositions are crafted with such intent and intricate detail that they never overstay their welcome.

There’s a purity and a gentleness to Bulko’s musical voice that speaks of connection, mending, of building a better existence. Subjects that are often swallowed up by the noise, the cruelty, and lack of compassion found in modern society… written off as idealistic or naive. Bulko describes the intention of ‘Ceremony’ is to facilitate a transformative experience. Much of ‘Ceremony’ was written to highlight his interest in Indigenous Peoples ability to survive using sustainable methods passed down over thousands of years, making use of techniques that helped to conserve biodiversity for future generations. Bulko’s work with Fairtrade International has nurtured this connection and belief that adopting these ancient practices is the key to continued life on this planet.

‘Ceremony’ utilizes a wide array of instrumentation commonly used in ceremonies and rituals. Many of them find their origins in a variety of Indigenous cultures from around the globe. The compositions deliberately work with an eclectic tonal palette and an intuitive sense of timing to guide the listener into unfamiliar territory. The fluidity and ease at which Bulko weaves in new voices and phrasing into the musical landscape is perhaps the album’s most jaw-dropping achievement. Bulko forms strangely compelling narratives between instruments that one would rarely consider hearing together. One example of this comes during ‘In the Service of Life,’ which introduces a slow churning didgeridoo punctuated by a wildly toned jaw harp. On paper this combination seems questionable, but thanks to Bulko’s meticulous handling of each and every element within ‘Ceremony,' it becomes one of most intriguing moments on the album.

Only a small handful of modern composition, electroacoustic, and neoclassical works come to mind when attempting to describe the musical language spoken by Alapastel. Steven Leggett’s ‘Bathhouse’ touches upon a similar ebb and flow and patient musicality. French music maker Toàn weaves comparable sonic tapestries seemingly out of thin air, and shares a kinship for worldly instrumentation and low-end mechanics. Lastly Brazilian artist Babe, Terror, whose strange and enduring album, ’Horizogon (2020),’ makes use of bold slabs of sound and a freedom in movement that feels highly akin to ‘Ceremony.’

is self-taught composer from Slovakia with no musical scholar backround. He was born in 1986 in Trenčín and currently lives in Bratislava. He started making music on computer in the age of 15 and successively it became his greatest joy.

In 2018 his debut album “Hidden For The Eyes” was released under Slowcraft Records. The production of the album took 8 years of work. His second full length album called “Ceremony” will be released on October 8th 2021 under Lost Tribe Sound label.

Lukas is crafting collages of neo-classical, experimental and electronic compositions, with hint of traditional influences, yet made in a modern way. He is searching for originality in values that music can manifest. His intention is to provide music for contemplative listening, exploration and traveling in mind.


(Ceremony) – Ján Kružliak Jr. is a violinist well versed in playing several musical styles. Thanks to his flexibility and versatility, he has become a sought-after musician.

He works as a classical music musician (Slovak Chamber Orchestra of Bohdan Warchal, SND Opera Orchestra, Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Randers Chamber Players, Junges Klangforum Mitte Europa, European Philharmonic Orchestra, Symphony Orchestra Viva Musica!) and is fond of folk and world music ( Zuzana Mojžišová a jej Družina, La3no Cubano, The Surge). He also plays jazz (Bratislava Hot Serenaders, Folk Youth, Valér Miko), rock-pop (collaboration with the bands Medial Banana, Lavagance, Billy Barman, Walter Schnitzelsson, Martina Javor, The Lovely Pimps…) and electronic music (Jimmy Pé, Petijee, Dj Mathew, VelvetSky). He is no stranger to contemporary music (Ensemble Ricercata, EnsembleSpektrum, Soozvuk, Veni) or experimental music using various effects and recording (looping) his own music live in real time.

L.Ac., O.M.D., Ph.D. (Ceremony) – Richard’s lifelong interest in healing and spirit merged and was inspired by the power and profound beauty of ayahuasca with sound and music. He has travelled extensively in Ecuador and Peru studying with indigenous shamans in their native lands. He does healing work in ceremonial settings around the globe in a unique synthesis of traditional Amazonian shamanism, deep energetic healing, and sound healing techniques from many of the world’s cultures. Richard has dedicated his life to healing and health, or, in the words of his younger self, to help others out of their suffering. (web1, web2, sc)

(Hidden for the eyes & Ceremony) born in 1986 is Slovakia based musician and producer, working as a sound-designer and mixing engineer. His long time passion for modular synthesis and keyboard synths has brought him to appreciate and explore many modern yet harmonically rich musical genres. (sc)

(Hidden for the eyes & Ceremony) was born in 1986 as one of three kids in the family of teacher and journalist. He discovered musical talent as 17 years old, when he enrolled for singing role in theater play. He later studied classical opera singing in VŠMU and now is member of Slovak philharmonic choir and Danubius octet singers. He also runs his own musical projects.

(Hidden for the eyes) born in 1989 in Bratislava had been developing her musical talent since 15 years old. Starting with drums, later bass-guitar and finally singing. She was core member and singer in electro-acoustic band Núku. (bc)

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